10 Dangerous Cities in Wisconsin 2023: Navigating Danger

In 2023, Wisconsin, once famed for the perils of upset Cheeseheads post-Green Bay Packers games, finds itself grappling with a different challenge – a surge in crime across its cities. RoadSnacks, diligent in their scrutiny, compiled a list of the 10 Most Dangerous Cities in Wisconsin for the year, drawing on data from the FBI’s latest crime report for 137 cities with populations exceeding 5,000.

Wisconsin’s overall crime rates, surpassing the national average, reveal alarming figures in its most perilous locales. Surprisingly, bustling metropolises like Milwaukee and Madison bear the brunt of this crime wave. However, the title of the ‘most dangerous place in Wisconsin’ is claimed by a town with a population shy of 10,000.


Beloit, a city of 36,921, tops the list with staggering crime statistics. Not only does it feature in the top ten for both violent and property crimes statewide, but it also boasts the second-highest murder rate in Wisconsin. Brown Deer, a quaint village near Milwaukee, secures the second spot, experiencing a bi-weekly occurrence of car thefts despite its population of 11,808.

Milwaukee, renowned for its beer and motorcycle scene, unfortunately, holds the title for the most violent city. Residents face a 1 in 62 chance of falling victim to murder, rape, robbery, or assault. Rice Lake, a small city with 8,526 residents, emerges with a notable problem – ranking third in rape cases statewide.

La Crosse, a trade hub by the Mississippi River, faces the anticipated challenges of crime due to its high population density. West Allis, a Milwaukee suburb, stands out for its high rates of both violent and property crimes. Madison, the capital and second-largest city, grapples with the 15th highest statewide violent crime rate.

Eau Claire, named for “clear waters,” finds its waters clear but residents’ ethics murky, ranking eighth due to a high burglary rate. Grand Chute, the ninth most dangerous place, contends with a property crime rate that averages two crimes per day. Hudson, an extended Minneapolis suburb, rounds off the list with 329 property crimes in a year.

The compilation underscores the need for attention to Wisconsin’s most perilous places, raising questions about potential solutions, from increased law enforcement presence to the installation of security measures or drug rehabilitation programs. As residents grapple with these challenges, it becomes imperative to be well-informed before making life-altering decisions in the state.

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