10 Most Dangerous Cities In New Hampshire 2023: The Granite State’s Risky Side

In the picturesque expanse of New Hampshire, nestled amidst its scenic beauty, lie pockets that present starkly different realities. The analysis by RoadSnacks for 2023 has unfurled a disconcerting narrative, spotlighting the ten most precarious cities within the Granite State. These areas, tarnishing the state’s idyllic reputation, grapple with escalated crime rates and underlying socio-economic challenges.

At the apex of this list sits Manchester, New Hampshire’s largest city, embroiled in safety concerns with 592 violent crimes and 2,265 property crimes per 100,000 residents. Rochester follows closely, reporting 226 violent crimes and an alarming 2,748 property crimes per 100,000 inhabitants, underlining pressing safety issues.

Conway, Littleton, Somersworth, and Belmont also feature among these vulnerable areas, each exhibiting distinct yet equally concerning crime rates. With elevated figures, they grapple with a mix of violent crimes and property-related incidents, emphasizing the urgency for community-wide interventions and enhanced safety measures.

Further down the list, Farmington, Concord, Keene, and Laconia confront their own safety challenges, pointing towards a broader issue impacting New Hampshire’s socio-cultural landscape. Beyond the statistics, these rankings underscore the necessity for strategic initiatives and community engagement to address the multifaceted issues contributing to these cities’ safety concerns.

While New Hampshire thrives on its scenic beauty and a reputation for a peaceful lifestyle, the presence of these risky enclaves highlights the imperative for a concerted effort towards ensuring safety, fostering community resilience, and creating environments where all residents can thrive without fear.

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