10 Most Dangerous Cities in South Dakota 2023: Unsafe Territories

In a disconcerting revelation, a recent report has identified the 10 most dangerous cities in South Dakota for 2023, shedding light on areas with elevated crime rates and safety concerns. The findings serve as a stark reminder of the challenges faced by residents in these communities and prompt a closer examination of the factors contributing to their precarious situations.

  1. Sioux Falls: Topping the list, the state’s largest city, Sioux Falls, has experienced an increase in violent crimes, including assaults and robberies. Law enforcement agencies are intensifying efforts to address these issues and improve public safety.
  2. Rapid City: Despite its scenic surroundings, Rapid City grapples with elevated crime rates, particularly in property crime categories. Authorities are working to implement strategies to curb criminal activities and enhance community safety.
  3. Aberdeen: Known for its rich cultural heritage, Aberdeen has faced challenges related to drug-related offenses and property crimes. Local law enforcement is collaborating with the community to address these issues.
  4. Pierre: The state capital has witnessed an uptick in certain criminal activities, prompting a comprehensive review of policing strategies and community engagement initiatives to foster a safer environment.
  5. Brookings: While Brookings has traditionally been considered a safe community, recent reports highlight an increase in property crimes. Local authorities are focusing on preventive measures to reverse this trend.
  6. Mitchell: This charming city is not immune to safety concerns, with an observable rise in certain criminal activities. Community leaders and law enforcement agencies are collaborating to implement targeted interventions.
  7. Yankton: Yankton faces challenges related to drug-related crimes and property offenses. Community leaders are exploring collaborative approaches to address these issues and improve overall safety.
  8. Huron: Huron has experienced an increase in property crimes, necessitating a closer examination of community-based solutions and law enforcement strategies to ensure the well-being of residents.
  9. Watertown: Property crime rates in Watertown have prompted local authorities to reevaluate policing methods and community engagement initiatives to create a safer living environment.
  10. Spearfish: While known for its scenic beauty, Spearfish faces safety challenges, particularly in property crime categories. Community members and law enforcement are working together to implement targeted solutions.

These findings serve as a call to action for communities, law enforcement agencies, and policymakers to collaborate on effective strategies aimed at reducing crime and fostering a safer living environment for residents across South Dakota. The importance of community engagement, crime prevention initiatives, and targeted law enforcement efforts cannot be overstated as these cities work towards overcoming their safety challenges in the coming year.


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