10 Most Dangerous US States 2023 with High Crime Rate – Stay Safe

According to the Global Peace Index, the United States rank 131th out of 163 nations in terms of global peace. But there are some regions in the United States which can be dangerous for citizens as hate crimes, mass shootings, natural disasters and terrorist attacks are regularly reported from these regions.

What are the Most Dangerous States in United States?

  1. Alaska

According to the recent studies, Alaska leads the nation in terms of per capita violent crimes. These crimes includes factors like substance abuse, isolation and limited law enforcement resources in remote areas as attributed by the researchers.

2. New Mexico

New Mexico is having consistently high rates of property and violent crimes. In the criminal justice system, this links to poverty, drug trafficking routes, and systemic issues according to research.

3. Tennessee

Especially in urban areas like Memphis, Tennessee is having high crime rate. According to ongoing studies, this links to economic disparities and gang activity as key contributors.

4. Nevada

Significant crime rates has been facing by Nevada, particularly in Las Vegas. This links to the transient population, income inequality, and the nightlife economy as contributing factors.

5. Louisiana

Louisiana is facing socio-economic challenges, with a focus on how cultural factors intersect with crime. This crime rate is high particularly in New Orleans.

6. Arkansas

According to the various educational studies, Arkansas have high crime rates especially in Little Rock. These crimes have been linked to poverty and educational shortfalls that highlights a need for comprehensive social strategies.

7. Missouri

Some regions in Missouri specially in St. Louis and Kansas City have the high crime rates due too urban decay, racial segregation and economic disparity.

8. South Carolina 

As per the research studies says, there is a correlation between crime rates and factor such as drug use, access to firearms and socio-economic status in South Carolina, especially in cities like Columbia.

9. Delaware

The crime rates in Delaware focuses on urban poverty, drug trafficking  and the challenges of  policing in densely populated areas.

10. Maryland

In Maryland especially in Baltimore, the focus of crime research examines the interplay of factors like urban light, systemic poverty, and community-police relations.


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