14-year-old boy detained in connection with the Fresno County killings on suspicion of killing parents and injuring sister

Authorities announced on Friday that a 14-year-old Fresno County teenager who reported to them that an intruder had attacked his family had been taken into custody on suspicion of killing his parents and seriously hurting his sister, 11 years old.

At a press conference on Wednesday, county Sheriff John Zanoni stated that the kid is accused of killing his mother, Se Vang, and father, Lue Yang, both 37, at the family’s remote house close to the Miramonte neighborhood in Fresno County.

The sheriff stated that he was being held at juvenile hall. Because he is a minor, his name was kept confidential.

The boy’s 7-year-old brother was not harmed and was in the care of family, according to Zanoni, while his sister had emergency surgery for serious injuries and was expected to recover.

The child reported to 911 that someone had broken into his family’s home, attacked them, and then driven off in a pickup truck. However, the sheriff said that investigators discovered “inconsistencies” in his account and concluded that the victims were assaulted using weapons that were discovered in the family home.

Evidence ultimately showed that he had fabricated the story of a break-in and was responsible for using multiple weapons to attack his mum, his dad and his sister,” Zanoni explained.

He gave no further information.

“The tragedy of the situation is of such a high magnitude because two children have lost their mother and father due to the actions by their other sibling,” said Zanoni.

The investigation is still ongoing and no motive has been identified by the investigators.

“We haven’t seen anything related to contact with law enforcement, mental health or anything that would lead us to believe that he had a tendency to violence,” Zanoni stated.

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