16-year-old Girl Accused to Start a Fire because of an Argument.

Monday Morning  Isabella Faith Adeline Garcia and her mother were traveling from Peoria Illinois to Ocala Hilton on SW 36th Avenue for a vacation only to end up putting Isabella Faith in the juvenile detention center.


Police state that, around 3:15 am they received a  call from a girl telling them about a fire in a hotel in Florida and telling them she started it. CCTV also shows that there has been a disagreement between the girl and her mom until her mom left her and get another room for herself.

Florida Hotel

According to the affidavit

She got into a fight with her mom, and her mother started to stop talking, answering calls and texts from her. She even told her mother how horrible she is and that she hated her. Her mother also said that there were destined to go to the springs on their way to Daytona Beach. She also said that her daughter is a good girl, and she has never done this tragic thing before.

A total of 320 hotel guests were evacuated causing hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage.  The fire was stopped immediately and no injuries were reported, everyone is safe.

Isabela Garcia was charged with an act of wrongfully setting property on fire often for the purpose of committing fraud and criminal mischief greater than $1,000.


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