2 suspects arrested following Malibu barrel murder case

On July 31, a body was found in a large barrel at Malibu beach. Police officials have arrested two suspects in connection to this case.

On July 31, a lifeguard noticed a 55-gallon plastic barrel in the 23200 blocks at Pacific Coast Highway., and when he retrieved found a dead body in it. A death investigation was called. The homicide detectives responded shortly after 10 a.m. and determined the victim to be Javonnta Murphy. In addition to this, they concluded that Murphy had not been inside the barrel for a very long time.

2 suspects arrested following Malibu barrel murder case
2 suspects arrested following Malibu barrel murder case

Murphy’s death was the second tragedy that hit his family. The first was his 32-year-old cousin was shot at an event dedicated to peace in South Los Angeles. The said cousin was in a critical condition after the event.

On being interviewed Murphy’s father Javonnie Murphy said the he just wants answer and justice.

In 2020 when five people were arrested in connection with the death of rapper Pop Smoke, Murphy’s brother was also on the list. Although Murphy’s brother was cleared of the charges, the authorities had long since been investigating whether his murder was a form of retaliation to the case or not.

Now, the Sheriff’s office has identified and arrested Joshua Lee Simons (37 years old) and Dennice Vance (41 years old). The two were ‘known to be acquaintances’ of the victim.

Simmons has been charged with attempted robbery, personal use of bea spray and two counts of criminal threats for his connection with the attempt of robbery made at El Monte last month. His pictures were floated by the El Monte police department for attempting a smash-and-grab robbery at the Meza Jewelry, where had allegedly used bear spray on the employees, yet they were able to stop the robbery.

In this case, he has been charged with criminal threats, personal use of firearms, and murder.

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