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Delhi is buying more electric cars than ever before, and the government aims to install 1,000 charging stations in the next six months

The Delhi government plans to install 600 additional public EV charging stations across the city before June next year in an effort to promote electric car use in the capital. Approximately 1000 EV public charging stations will be available in the capital as a result of the expansion. Meanwhile, from September to November 2021, EVs accounted for 9% of all vehicles sold in Delhi, compared to 1.6 percent nationally. Last quarter, 9,540 electric cars were sold in Delhi, with sales increasing month by month.

CM Arvind Kejriwal has established a target for electric vehicles to account for 25 percent of vehicle sales by 2024, resulting in considerable reductions in air pollution. The city of Delhi boasts the most charging stations of any metropolis in the country. In the 15 months since the Delhi government introduced an EV policy, the city has emerged as the country’s EV capital, with EV sales six times greater in Delhi than the rest of the nation.

Arvind Kejriwal, the Delhi chief minister, said the city is doing everything it can to minimize pollution, and the success of the electric vehicle program is a source of pride. In the September-November quarter, electric vehicles were the second most popular vehicle type in Delhi. In the last quarter, electric car sales in Delhi overtook CNG and diesel vehicle sales.

EV sales in Delhi have increased to over 9% of total car sales in the last three months. EV sales were 9.2 percent of overall sales in September and November 2021, and 8.2 percent in October. It’s worth noting that, after gasoline-powered automobiles, electric vehicles became the second most popular vehicle in Delhi in the previous quarter. While CNG car sales have decreased from 9.7 percent in September to 6.5 percent in November.

“I’m happy Delhi is emerging as India’s EV capital with a 9% proportion of EVs,” the CM said on Twitter. Delhi is making every effort to lessen its pollution contribution.” “Delhi’s progressive electric car strategy has proven to be a big success,” stated transport minister Kailash Gahlot. Electric car sales are increasing in popularity in Delhi. The Delhi administration has been able to adopt such great governance reforms because of the CM’s vision.”

From September through November, a record of 9,540 electric cars was sold in Delhi. In September, 2,873 electric vehicles were sold, followed by 3,275 in October as well as 3,392 in November. Electric vehicles have surpassed gasoline vehicles to take second place in sales, with 82,626 units sold. At the same period, electric vehicles outperformed popular options like diesel and compressed natural gas by a wide margin. In the first quarter, 7,820 CNG automobiles and 2,688 gasoline vehicles were sold. 3,918 petrol+CNG cars were sold in the hybrid category, while 1,429 petrol, as well as other hybrid variations, were marketed.

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