Valet Brutally Attacked and Customers’ Car Keys Stolen in D.C.: Investigations Underway After Two Restaurants Targeted in Separate Incidents

The city was left in shock due to car keys stolen during confrontations with valets at two prominent restaurants in separate incidents.

D.C. Residents on Edge as Car Keys Stolen in Violent Valet Robberies

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In the first incident, which occurred at Diners at Kitchen + Kocktails on 1300 I Street in Northwest D.C., a group of suspects made off with car keys stolen to several vehicles after attacking a valet. According to reports, the suspects distracted the doorman while accessing the valet car keys stolen box and swiftly escaped the scene in a black Infiniti Q50S. A brave valet attempted to thwart the thieves’ escape but was met with violence as the suspects attacked him, leaving him injured. Investigations are underway, but the suspects remain at large. A few days later, Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steakhouse at 950 I St. fell victim to a similar crime. A bold thief managed to snatch four sets of car keys stolen, belonging to vehicles including a Maserati, a 2021 Kia, a 2021 Honda, and a 2021 Nissan, while the valet was assisting a customer. The suspect fled the scene, leaving the restaurant’s patrons and staff in disbelief. 

Multiple Incidents of Car Keys Stolen from Valet Stands Spark Alarm

Ongoing Investigation Regarding Car Key Robberies

Among the victims of the car keys stolen, Andrea Ible expressed her frustration, stating that she had to endure an entire day without her car until she could regain access. The incidents have raised concerns about security measures at valet stands in the city. These incidents are not isolated cases, as car keys stolen have been from various valet stands across D.C. over the past several months. From RPM Italian D.C. to a Ruth’s Chris Steak House valet in Northwest D.C., the trend has been alarming. Authorities are urging the public to remain vigilant and take precautions to safeguard their vehicles. While investigations are ongoing regarding the incident on car keys stolen, it is essential for restaurants and businesses to bolster security at valet stands to prevent further incidents and protect their customers and staff from potential harm and inconvenience caused by car key theft.

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