Ammon Bundy Loses Idaho Hospital Defamation Case, Faces Massive Fines

A jury ruled that Ammon Bundy who arranged the illegal taking of a federal wildlife refuge in Oregon faces over $50 million in damages after an Idaho hospital won a defamation case against him.


Far-right Activist Ammon Bundy Faces Millions in Fines

According to AP News, St. Luke’s Regional Health filed a lawsuit of allegedly false statements regarding the Idaho hospital against Ammon Bundy with his colleague Diego Rodriguez, following Rodriguez’s infant grandson was taken temporarily from his family and admitted to St. Luke’s.

Dr. Rachel Thomas, the emergency doctor, testified that the 10-month-old child’s stomach was swollen, eyes were hollow, and unable to sit directly, according to the Idaho Statesman newspaper. In response, supporters of Ammon Bundy protested outside of the Idaho hospital and at those involved. Rodriguez claimed on his website that the infant had been “kidnapped” and implied that the authorities and those involved were profiting from “child trafficking.”

On Monday, a video was released on YouTube by Bundy, denying the claims against him. Bundy also skipped the trial and refused to pay an attorney since he said it would be too expensive. The infant was healthy other than having cyclic vomiting syndrome, according to what he said.

Ammon Bundy – Photo by: (Daily Kos)

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Ammon Bundy and Diego Rodriguez Loses Against Idaho Hospital Defamation Case

Ammon Bundy and Diego Rodriguez planned a defamation action against it, as the hospital claimed. The hospital reported that late on Monday, a jury at the Ada County Courthouse in Boise reached a verdict and awarded damages in a total of $50 million. Ammon Bundy and Diego Rodriguez, and their supporters enclosed the campuses of St. Luke’s hospital.

According to Holland & Hart, the legal team from St. Luke’s, the jury’s decision, claims Bundy to pay $6.2 million in compensation damages and $6.15 million in punitive damages, and Rodriguez to pay $7 million in compensatory damages and $6.5 million in punitive damages. The People’s Rights Network, Freedom Man Press, and the Bundy campaign received the remaining $52.5 million in damages.

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