Renowned Gynecologist, Robert Hadden, Sentenced to 20 Years in Prison for Sexually Abusing Over 200 Patients

A respected gynecologist, Robert Hadden, has received a 20-year prison sentence after more than two decades of sexually abusing vulnerable and trusting patients at a prestigious New York Hospital.

Sexual Abuse Incident in a Prestigious New York Hospital

The Renowned gynecologist Roben Hadden, a 64-year-old man, sexually abused over a hundred of patients for two decades. The man was sentenced to 20 years jail term.  Robert Hadden was characterized by prosecutors as a “predator donning a white coat,” who enticed patients from other states to New York to exploit and abuse them.

On Tuesday, a 20-year prison sentence would be given by the federal judge for the man’s hideous crime. Judge Richard M. Berman handed down the harshest possible prison sentence, stating in court earlier this week that Hadden’s case is unlike any other he has encountered. The judge described the sexual assault as horrendous, beyond extraordinary, and depraved, according to the U.S. News.

Nine victims testified about being abused by Hadden during gynecological procedures during the trial. The abuse started in the late 1980s at major hospitals like Columbia University Irving Medical Center and New York-Presbyterian Hospital. Unless a victim of sexual assault chooses to go public, The Associated Press typically doesn’t reveal their name.

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Renowned Gynecologist, Robert Hadden – Photo by: (ABC News)

Renowned Gynecologist, Robert Hadden

According to the prosecution’s testimony, Hadden exploited the hospitals where he worked to build a rapport with his patients at his private clinic. He decorated his workspace with pictures of his children and involved them in personal conversations. However, after a nurse or chaperone left the treatment area and he had isolated them, he fondled and prodded them with gloveless fingers and occasionally orally.

The judge said that federal authorities believe Hadden’s abuse during his time as a gynecologist affected at least 245 women. Hadden’s attorneys asked Judge Berman to postpone the final sentencing by one day. To allow the humiliated former doctor to address the court, they requested permission. Robert Hadden gave a brief speech in court on Tuesday just prior to the formal sentencing, expressing regret for his misdeeds. It was the trial’s first and only occasion he spoke to the jury.

Since Hadden’s medical business was shut down in 2012, patients had been alleging incidents of abuse. Hadden voluntarily gave up his medical license after being found guilty in state court of sex-related offenses in 2016, but he did not serve any jail time.

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