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A Man Takes His Own Life Right After Being Convicted Of Whole Life Imprisonment.

Richard Jay Duplessis Kill Himself after the Jurors Convicted him of Life in Prison after Sexually Abusing a Young Girl.

This 40-year-old man named Richard Jay Duplessis was accused after an of his shows in court last August 12, 2022, and said she was abused by Richard Jay Duplessis since she was 6 years old. The abuse started in May 2021 and was stopped in February 2022 when the mother and godmother knew about it.

Richard hanged himself after conviction in Galveston.

According to the Galveston County District Attorney’s Office,
The Godmother and mother of the young girl confirmed the accusation. They also proposed inappropriate text messages that were considered pieces of evidence to be brought in front of the jury for final conviction.

Prosecutors said, ” The defendant has shown he is a predator and he preys on young girls that can’t protect themselves.” the main reason that the jurors immediately convicted him to the highest as possible; life in prison without the possibility of parole last Thursday, July 20, 2023.

During the conviction, the defendant was absent and couldn’t hear his fate. Galveston Police Officers were tasked to search for him only to find him hanging on the ceiling of a home. He was brought down only to find out he was long gone.


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