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West Virginia Police Got Accused

In West Virginia, a 45-year-old Man named Edmond Exline from Maryland Passed Away after being Tackled and Handcuffed by the Police.

Exline was supposedly unarmed and did nothing wrong prior to the time when he was attacked by the police of West Virginia. The lawsuits targeted the West Virginia State Police troopers because of the alleged excessive force used during the arrest.

According to the Police,

A man who was wandering along an interstate highway was tackled and handcuffed by West Virginia State police officers, according to the lawsuits the police are accused of using excessive force. Following the incident on February 12 along the streets of I-81 near Martinsburg, Edmond Exile, 45 years of age, a resident of Hagerstown, Maryland, passed away in a hospital. Exline was wandering down the freeway when he got into a “struggle” with the police officers and went unconscious as cited by the news outlets at the time. A Taser gun was used on him, said Charles town state police Captain Eric Burnett.

Edmond Exile, 45 years of age, a resident of Hagerstown, Maryland

In March, Burrnett told the Associated Press that Edmond’s exile ran towards the traffic and wouldn’t listen to any commands ordered by the troops onto him. Even though he was unarmed and not breaking any violation of the law. Exile was still assaulted and handcuffed by the three troopers, according to the lawsuits.

According to the witnesses,

The actions of the troopers ‘were not taken in good faith and were in violation of law and no objectively reasonable police officers could have perceived the force as necessary.

Exline’s cause of death was still unknown. It’s unclear if he was experiencing a medical or different type of episode. Exline had not overdosed on any narcotics but troopers on the other hand administered the overdose-reversing drug Narcan several times. A week ago, on behalf of Edmond Exline II the executor of his father’s estate, the lawsuit was filed in a complaint in Kanawha County Circuit Court II, also named of the State Police.


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