Quavo The Rapper Aboard Miami Yacht Investigated For An Alleged Strong-Arm Burglary—Was He Involved?

On Sunday Night In Miami, Quavo The Rapper Was Aboard A Yacht

Quavo The Rapper
Quavo The Rapper Was Aboard A Yacht Investigated For An Alleged Strong-Arm Robbery (Photo: XXL Mag)

Quavo the rapper, a member of the rap group Migos, was on a yacht in Miami on Sunday night, which is currently under investigation for an alleged strong-arm robbery, as confirmed by a police report obtained by Page Six.

The incident involved two men, Cornell A. Whitfield and Anteneh A. Workeneh, who were on the yacht and became highly aggressive when the captain and crew informed them that their boat rental time was expiring. They demanded a refund and made verbal threats during the confrontation. According to the captain’s account to the police, one of the men even threatened to harm him and throw him off the boat. The captain’s wallet and phone were reportedly taken from his pocket during the altercation. (Read the full article on FRESNOBEE)

Following the alleged yacht incident, Quavo the rapper was reportedly seen with his hands zip-tied behind the back of Quavo the rapper. However, the police later released Quavo the rapper, as he was not mentioned as a witness in the police report narrative and was not arrested.

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The boat’s owner promptly notified law enforcement about the alleged incident, and several males were detained pending the arrival of the police.A representative for Quavo the rapper emphasized that Quavo the rapper was not involved in the reported dispute and was neither arrested nor listed as a witness in the police report.

According to the police report, Quavo the rapper —whose true name is Quavious Keyate Marshall and who is 32 years old—was present on the yacht when the alleged crime occurred. Nevertheless, the extent of the involvement of Quavo the rapper remains unclear. (Check PAGESIX)

Hands Of Quavo The Rapper Zip-Tied Behind His Back

One source informed Page Six that Quavo the rapper was briefly observed with the hands of Quavo the rapper zip-tied behind his back before being released by the Miami Beach police. Quavo the rapper was seen leaving the scene with his entourage in large black SUVs with tinted windows, accompanied by a bodyguard and several women.

Due to conflicting statements from those involved, no arrests were made at the time of the incident, and all parties were released without further incident. The investigation is ongoing, aiming to shed more light on the details surrounding the alleged strong-arm robbery on the Miami yacht.


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