Tax Fraud Inquisition: Shakira Faces Additional Tax Inquiry In Spain For 2018 Income And Assets

Shakira Becomes Involved In Yet Another Legal Dispute With Spanish Tax Authorities

Shakira Faces Additional Tax Inquiry In Spain For 2018 Income And Assets (Photo: The Times)

The Colombian artist, Shakira, finds herself embrangled in another legal matter with Spanish tax authorities. A new case has been initiated by the Prosecutor’s Office, based on a complaint, alleging tax fraud in relation to her personal income tax and wealth tax for the fiscal year 2018.

This comes in addition to the pending trial in November where she is accused of perpetrating tax fraud amounting to €14.5 million ($16.1 million) between 2012 and 2014, charges she vehemently denies. The recent case centers on two alleged tax fraud crimes during the time Shakira resided in Barcelona with her former partner, Gerard Piqué, and their children. Unlike the previous investigation, this tax fraud probe is not related to her residency status but focuses on an irregularity detected by the Treasury, which the Prosecutor’s Office considers a potential criminal offense. (Cited on ELPAIS)

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The High Court of Justice of Catalonia and the Prosecutor’s Office have confirmed the commencement of proceedings, although further details are yet to be disclosed until Shakira is notified, especially since she now resides in Miami. The singer’s trial for the earlier allegations has already been scheduled for November 20 in Barcelona, where she faces the possibility of more than eight years in prison. Shakira, who faces a tax fraud probe, argues that during the period in question, she was a tax resident of the Bahamas due to extensive international travel for professional commitments, asserting that she never spent more than 184 days in Spain, the criterion for tax residency.

The Pressure On Shakira From The Media And Her Reputation Is Criticized By Her Representatives

In response to the new investigation of her tax fraud allegations, Shakira’s representatives express her lack of awareness about the proceedings, learning about them through the media. They decry the media and reputational pressure imposed on her, emphasizing that she has consistently acted in accordance with the law and sought guidance from top tax experts. Shakira, who faces a tax fraud probe, is now primarily focused on her artistic pursuits in Miami and remains optimistic about a favorable resolution to her tax fraud affairs. (See reference here: INSIDENOVA)

Shakira’s legal woes continue as she faces an additional tax fraud probe for the year 2018, adding complexity to the ongoing trial over alleged tax fraud. The singer maintains her stance of compliance with the law and looks forward to resolving these matters in her favor.

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