New Beta Website Unveiled: Apply Now for Biden’s Enhanced SAVE Student Loan Repayment Plan with Payments as Low as $0!

The Biden administration has launched a beta website for the much-anticipated income-driven student loan repayment plan, known as the Saving on a Valuable Education (SAVE) program. How the SAVE Student Loan Repayment Plan Eases the Burden for Borrowers READ ALSO: Biden Student Loan Forgiveness Plan Faces New Legal Hurdle As Senator Capito Voices Concerns  As … Read more

Education Department’s IDR Adjustment Offers Relief with $39 Billion Student Loan Forgiveness for Longtime Borrowers

The Education Department has commenced a one-time program of Income-Driven Repayment or IDR adjustment. IDR Adjustment Program: Education Department Announces $39 Billion Student Loan Forgiveness for Longtime Borrowers READ ALSO: Tax Fraud Inquisition: Shakira Faces Additional Tax Inquiry In Spain For 2018 Income And Assets  On July 14, an astounding 804,000 longstanding student loan borrowers received … Read more

Business Owners In Boston Can Get A Chance To Escalate Their Businesses—Thanks To The American Rescue Plan!

Boston’s Effort To Refurbish Its Cityscape Buttressed With A $2.8 Million Grant In an exciting development, Boston’s efforts to revitalize its cityscape have received a substantial boost with a $2.8 million grant for the state’s business owners under the American Rescue Plan. The grant, facilitated by the Supporting Pandemic Affected Community Enterprises (SPACE) Grant, aims … Read more

Bartell Drugs: One of the Oldest Chains of Pharmacies Permanently Shutters

Bartell Drugs: One of the Oldest Chains of Pharmacies Permanently Shutters

In less than a day, a beloved pharmacy pharmacy in the heart of Seattle will close its doors due to “business conditions”, according to company officials. On Monday, another Bartell Drugs shop will close. The business claimed that a number of factors, such as business strategy, lease and rent considerations, local business conditions, and retail … Read more

Affordable Standard Repayment Plan for $10,000 Student Loans by 2030

Affordable Standard Repayment Plan for $10,000 Student Loans by 2030

Say you wish to pay off $10,000 in student loans by 2030 as an illustration. Instead of a long-term or income-based plan, you could sign up for a standard repayment plan. You’ll pay less interest overall on a regular plan, and you’ll pay off your loan more quickly. With this plan, you can pay off … Read more

Jamie Faith’s Murder Suspect Sentenced to 62 Years

Jamie Faith's Murder Suspect Sentenced to 62 Years

James “Jamie” Faith’s murder suspect, Darrin Lopez, was found guilty and given a 62-year prison term, for the 2020 shooting incident. A Tennessee man who plotted with his high school sweetheart to kill her husband amid their seven-month-long affair that involved her lying about being abused by her husband. Murder Suspect for Killing James “Jamie” … Read more

Justice Served: Man Receives 30-Year to Life Sentence for 1991 Cold Case Murder of Ohio Woman

Justice has finally been served to a haunting cold case murder that had remained unsolved for over three decades. Cold Case Murder Solved After 32 Years: Perpetrator Sentenced to Life in Prison READ ALSO: Police Dog Attack In Ohio: Could The Police Handler Be Terminated? Here’s What Happened  Daniel Rees, a 60-year-old resident of Barberton, … Read more

Federal Inmate Receives 24-Year Sentence for Eliminating Child Exploitation Ring Mastermind in Prison

In a landmark ruling last Friday, a federal inmate, Alex Albert Castro, was sentenced to over 24 years for the murder of a fellow inmate who was convicted of orchestrating an international child sexual abuse ring.  The Bold Move of a Federal Inmate against Child Exploitation Ring Mastermind READ ALSO: Tennessee Man Charged With Attempted … Read more

Puerto Rican Olympic Boxer Félix Verdejo-Sánchez Convicted For Killing Pregnant Woman: Verdict Reached In Federal Jury Trial!

2012 Olympic Boxer Adjudged Culpable To Heinous Killing In a federal jury trial, Puerto Rican Olympic boxer Félix Verdejo-Sánchez, known for competing in the 2012 Olympics, has been found guilty of multiple charges related to the murder of a pregnant woman in 2021, based on the U.S. District of Puerto Rico’s office of the attorney. … Read more

Carlee Russell Missing 49 Hours; Accused of Fabricating Incident

Carlee Russell Missing 49 Hours; Accused of Fabricating Incident

A 49-hour search was started after Carlee Russell, an Alabama woman who admitted to fabricating her own kidnapping, turned herself in and was charged with filing false reports. Falsely reporting an event and reporting an incident to law enforcement officials are both misdemeanor charges against the 26-year-old, Carlee Russell. What Has Carlee Russell reported to … Read more