Jamie Faith’s Murder Suspect Sentenced to 62 Years

James “Jamie” Faith’s murder suspect, Darrin Lopez, was found guilty and given a 62-year prison term, for the 2020 shooting incident. A Tennessee man who plotted with his high school sweetheart to kill her husband amid their seven-month-long affair that involved her lying about being abused by her husband.

Jamie Faith's Murder Suspect Sentenced to 62 Years
Jamie Faith’s Murder Suspect Sentenced to 62 Years

Murder Suspect for Killing James “Jamie” Faith

On Oct. 9, 2020, James “Jamie” Faith, a 49-year-old American Airlines employee was shot, while he and his wife, Jennifer Faith, walked their dog in north Oak Cliff. Detectives were informed by his wife that a stranger in a black pickup vehicle had pulled up and started shooting. She added that the shooter attempted to kidnap her.

After learning that Jennifer Faith and Lopez, her high school sweetheart, were having an emotional affair, detectives started to become suspicious. Prosecutors claim that Jennifer Faith fed Lopez false information regarding her husband’s mistreatment of her. Lopez allegedly drove from Tennessee to Texas to shoot him, according to detectives.

In January 2021, the ATF Special Response Team in Tennessee arrested Lopez and charged him with the murder. Lopez had now emerged as the murder suspect. In addition, between September 30 and October 30, 2020, he and Jennifer exchanged more than 14,000 calls and texts. One message even described a five-year plan on “how they would be together.”

Charges Against Murder Suspect

Darrin Lopez received a 62-year prison term for killing the husband of his girlfriend. Jennifer Faith was involved with Lopez at the time. According to FOX News, Jennifer Faith had actually encouraged Lopez to kill her husband as part of sophisticated plot that involved sending him stock photos to support the lie that he was abusing her physically and sexually and setting up fake email accounts to appear as concerned friends.

In 2021, after entering a plea of guilty to murder-for-hire, she was given a life term in jail, with court referring to her as “pure evil”. Also, Darrin Lopez, was found guilty and given a 62-year prison term.

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