Professional Dancer in NYC was Stabbed to Death in a Brooklyn Gas Station Last Saturday Night

A professional dancer and choreographer was stabbed to death in a Brooklyn gas station last Saturday night; police think it may have been a hate crime.

The Tragic Death of a Professional Dancer in NYC

Witnesses and friends reported that O’Shae Sibley, a 28-year-old professional dancer, and choreographer, was dancing with friends to Beyoncé’s music at a gas station in Brooklyn when a group of men came up to them and instructed them to cease dancing.

As per the NY Post, the video allegedly captures Sibley and three other men in bathing suits refueling their vehicle at a gas station. Sibley and the other men are seen voguing, and a group of men near the store’s entrance start to make fun of them. Then, Sibley and his friends go up to the group and start arguing with them.

As the two groups come face-to-face and argue with each other for several minutes, tensions rise. Sayeda Haider, who saw what happened, said that one of the men told Sibley to stop dancing, which led to several fights and back-and-forth arguments. At some point, the person pulled out a knife and stabbed Sibley.

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The Tragic Death of a Professional Dancer in NYC – Photo by: (Hexagon Geosystems Blog)

O’Shae Sibley, a 28-year-old Professional Dancer and Choreographer

According to Tondra Sibley, O’Shae Sibley’s aunt, in interviews conducted prior to the pandemic, the 28-year-old dancer had moved from Philadelphia to New York with the intention of pursuing a career as a professional dancer. He was actively involved in various dance groups in the region. Described as a “gentle soul,” Sibley had a lifelong passion for dancing and was excitedly anticipating a trip to Disney World with his father, as shared with Gothamist.

At this point, no one has been arrested, but the police have said that the hate crimes unit is actively looking into what happened. On Tuesday, police said they were looking for a young man in his late teens who they think may have something to do with Sibley’s death.

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