Are You Curious About America’s Cleanest Cities? Check this Out!

It can be worthwhile to consider moving to a city with a reputation for cleanliness if you’re trying to escape air pollution and trash. That’s why here is a compiled list of the top five of America’s cleanest cities.

Are You Curious About America's Cleanest Cities? Check this Out!
Are You Curious About America’s Cleanest Cities? Check this Out!

America’s Cleanest Cities You Need to Know

This ranking of the America’s cleanest cities was compiled using the consensus of experts. The first that rank in the America’s cleanest cities is Honolulu, Hawaii, according to The Health Journal. It tolerates no amount of trash and despite being the U.S. state that is most dependent on fossil fuels, by 2045, Hawaii want to achieve 100% clean energy. The second on the list is Virginia Beach. According to Money talks News, Virginia Beach has one of the greatest air quality records in the country and has the lowest greenhouse gas emissions per capita. That is why Virginia Beach, Virginia, listed on the America’s cleanest cities and outshine all other cities. Next on the list of America’s cleanest cities is Naples, Florida. Naples is the best coastal town to reside in. The exceptionally clean sand and waters of the Gulf are one of the main reasons in this ranking of America’s cleanest cities. The second to the last is Long Beach, California. Scoring 7.02 out of 10, that is why Long Beach, California, was listed on America’s cleanest cities. Lastly, the Norfolk, Virginia. The reason why Norfolk, Virginia, was listed last is that the majority of residents in Norfolk were happy with their garbage disposal, making it one of the cities with the finest air quality.

In the latest list of America’s cleanest cities, Honolulu, Hawaii and Long Beach, California are still at the top. There are three new cities listed. Charlotte, North Carolina; Bellingham, Washington; and Denver, Colorado, were listed as America’s cleanest cities. For more information, you can visit StudyFinds.

Why is it Important to Know America’s Cleanest Cities?

Dealing with garbage and pollution is frequently associated with declining health. In fact, a recent study by experts at the University College London reveals that residents of places with high levels of air pollution are more likely to suffer from depression or commit suicide. That is why knowing a city with a reputation for cleanliness is a must.

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