Critically Endangered Spider Monkeys Found in Migrant’s Backpack

U.S. Border Patrol agents intercepted a shocking attempt at wildlife smuggling over the weekend when they arrested a migrant attempting to enter the United States with seven critically endangered spider monkeys hidden inside a backpack.

Critically Endangered Spider Monkeys Rescued by U.S. Authorities

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The heartening discovery was made in Brownsville, Texas, a city situated on the U.S.-Mexico border. Upon apprehending the Mexican juvenile, Border Patrol agents were astounded to find the seven spider monkeys concealed inside a backpack. The spider monkeys incident came to light when the Rio Grande Valley Sector posted a video on Facebook showcasing the small primates huddled together inside the bag, which appeared to have ventilation holes to ensure the animals could breathe. The news of the rescue spread rapidly on social media, with many praising the efforts of the Border Patrol agents for their vigilance in detecting and thwarting the smuggling attempt. “Extremely proud of our agents for stopping this spider monkeys wildlife smuggling attempt of these critically endangered animals!” read the appreciative Facebook post. Following the rescue, the spider monkeys, which are native to Central and South America, were handed over to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service for proper care and attention. However, no immediate information regarding the condition of the animals was released. Spider monkeys are listed as critically endangered by the Wildlife Conservation Society and are among the 25 most threatened primate species globally. Such incidents highlight the dire need for wildlife conservation efforts to protect these vulnerable species from exploitation.

Spider Monkeys Found Smuggled Across U.S. Border

Cracking Down on Wildlife Crime: U.S. Border Patrol Thwarts Spider Monkey Smuggling Attempt
(PHOTO: Gwen Weustink)

Chief Patrol Agent Gloria Chavez of the Rio Grande Valley Sector expressed her concern about the perilous lengths smugglers would go to maximize profits, showing no regard for the lives of migrants or the welfare of spider monkeys. She emphasized the importance of continued vigilance in preventing such unlawful acts that pose a significant threat to wildlife. Sadly, attempts to smuggle exotic animals into the United States are not uncommon. Earlier this year, authorities seized 29 Amazon parrot eggs from a smuggler at Miami International Airport. Fortunately, 26 of the 29 eggs were successfully hatched by the Rare Species Conservatory Foundation, with 24 chicks surviving. In a similar incident last November, federal prosecutors charged eight individuals with smuggling endangered long-tailed macaques into the U.S., further highlighting the persistent challenge of curbing illegal wildlife trafficking. Moreover, this issue extends beyond just one country, as a man in California pleaded guilty last August to smuggling over 1,700 wild animals into the United States from Mexico, underscoring the urgent need for collaborative international efforts to combat spider monkeys trafficking.

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