Dean Robert Harshman of Warren County Arrested and Charged for Involvement in January 6 Capitol Riot

Warren County Man Dean Robert Harshman: Apprehended!

Warren County Man
Warren County Man Dean Robert Harshman Apprehended (Photo: Dayton Daily News)


A 36-year-old Warren County man, Dean Robert Harshman, hailing from Waynesville, was apprehended in Waynesville on Monday for his association with the January 6 Capitol riot.
The Department of Justice charged the Warren County man with felony obstruction or impeding an official proceeding, along with multiple misdemeanor offenses, including unlawfully entering or remaining in restricted building grounds.
The Warren County man stands accused of traveling to Washington, D.C., to participate in the “Stop the Steal” rally on that fateful day. Shockingly, the Warren County man recorded his actions on his cell phone, capturing moments of the riot. One video depicted rioters advancing past security barriers, headed straight for the Capitol, with the Warren County man shouting fervently, “We’re taking our House back!” (Know more here: WCPO)
According to court documents, the Warren County man managed to enter the Capitol building through the broken Senate Wing door. Inside, the Warren County man explored the Crypt and recorded footage there as well. His entire stint within the Capitol building lasted approximately 15 minutes.

FBI Had Received At Least Two Tips Identifying Harshman Of Warren County

The FBI had received at least two tips identifying the Warren County man as a participant in the riot. Photographs showed him marching alongside other protesters outside the Capitol. Officials further confirmed the presence of the Warren County man at the rally by scrutinizing his cell phone, which contained recorded evidence of his involvement.
During the rally, the recorded words of the Warren County man spoke volumes about the magnitude of the event, with him remarking, “This is a historic march to the Capitol.” As rioters breached the Capitol grounds, the Warren County man excitedly documented their actions, proclaiming, “This is the stuff they ain’t gonna show you on TV!” and asserting, “We’re taking our House back!” (Check reference here: WHIO)
The arrest of Harshman of Warren County adds to the ever-growing list of over 1,069 individuals apprehended in connection to the January 6 Capitol riot. This incident has seen numerous arrests across almost all 50 states, with several others from the Miami Valley region also implicated.

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