Florida Man Arrested After Fatally Beating an 87-year-old In a Country Club Parking Lot

In Florida, a 75-year-old man facing accusations of fatally beating an 87-year-old in a country club parking lot was arrested when authorities successfully identified him from a newspaper photo captured after he achieved a hole-in-one at a nearby golf course.

Florida Man Arrested. Here’s how it happened

A man’s brief moment of fame at a Florida golf course, where he got a hole-in-one and was photographed, is said to have led to his identification and subsequent arrest in connection with a fatal assault that happened in the course’s parking lot, according to ABC News.

Last week, Robert Edward Moore was arrested and is now facing one charge of aggravated manslaughter of an elderly person in the killing of Dean Zook, according to court documents reviewed by Law&Crime.

On July 27, the Sumter County Sheriff’s Office arrested 75-year-old Robert Moore from The Villages, charging him with aggravated manslaughter of an elderly person in connection with the incident that occurred on June 28 at the Glenview Country Club, according to court documents.

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Florida Man Arrested After Fatally Beating an 87-year-old – Photo by: (Depositphotos)

The 87-year-old Man who was Fatally beaten to Death 

According to court documents, 87-year-old Dean Zook was reportedly on his way to the club with his wife for dinner when his car accidentally bumped into another parked car in the lot. A man confronted Zook about the incident, and after Zook allegedly took responsibility and asked for insurance details, the situation escalated, as per police statements. Moore allegedly struck him in the jaw with a closed fist. Despite Zook’s attempts to defend himself, the assailant continued to punch him. Realizing he had attacked the wrong vehicle, the suspect left Zook without saying anything and went in search of his actual car, as described in police reports, says Law and Crime.

Zook suffered a fall when authorities arrived at the scene, and he was immediately taken to the hospital due to brain bleeding. Sadly, he passed away on July 16, as per court documents. Investigators conducted interviews, examined credit card records, and analyzed surveillance footage to identify the suspect.

During the investigation, a detective conducted a Google search for “Robert Moore” and came across a Villages-News article from Nov. 8, 2022, detailing Robert Moore’s hole-in-one achievement at the Tarpon Boil Executive Golf Course. In the accompanying photo, Moore was wearing attire similar to the suspect captured in the surveillance footage of the fatal assault.

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