Wife Tries to Poison Husband, Caught in Camera Pouring Bleach on His Coffee

A woman is charged with attempted murder after being accused of attempting to fatally poison her husband by adding bleach to his coffee, and the incident was captured on camera.

Melody Felicano, Airman Wife Tries to Poison Husband

An Airman wife tries to poison husband. Tucson authorities arrested 39-year-old Melody Felicano Johnson on charges of attempted first-degree murder, aggravated assault, and introducing harmful substances into food, drink, or medicine.

According to authorities in Tucson, Arizona, a specific Air Force member follows a nightly routine of preparing his morning coffee. However, his wife allegedly exploited this routine by pouring bleach into the coffee machine. The wife tries to poison husbad. Johnson, currently held on a $250,000 bond, had her arraignment scheduled for Friday, and an expected not guilty plea was anticipated.

According to Johnson’s husband, he started noticing an unpleasant taste in his coffee during their time in Germany in March 2023.

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Melody Felicano, Airman Wife Tries to Poison Husband – Photo by: (CNN)

More about the Wife Tries to Poison Husband Case

The man, whose identity remains undisclosed, mentioned that he drank the coffee for a period of two to three weeks before deciding to inspect his water supply using pool testing strips. Upon testing the faucet water, he found everything to be normal. However, when he examined the coffee pot, the interim complaint revealed significantly elevated chlorine levels. In May, the man disclosed that he installed a camera in their residence in Germany, capturing footage of his wife adding something to the coffee pot, according to WMTV.

He disclosed to investigators that he pretended to continue drinking the coffee despite having stopped. During their time in Germany, he refrained from reporting the incident to law enforcement. Upon returning to Tucson on June 28, the Johnson family was temporarily accommodated in a hotel on the base. According to the document, the man set up a second camera, capturing footage of his wife once again adding something to the coffee pot.

Following the execution of a search warrant at the residence, officers discovered a liquid with a bleach-like odor in the coffee maker. Due to her familial connections in the Philippines and recent acquisition of property there, police advised the court to consider her a high bond risk.

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