Discovering the Safest Neighborhood in San Francisco With the Lowest Crime Rates

A compilation of the safest neighborhood in San Francisco, primarily focusing on non-violent crime rates, highlights the serene residential areas with lower overall crime incidents.

Ways to Assess and Identify the Safest neighborhood in San Francisco

There are methods to use in order to assess the neighborhood safety in order to fully determine the safest neighborhood in San Francisco and other places. Below are methods for determining the safety of a prospective San Francisco neighborhood.

 1. Use a Crime Mapping Service

The two leading services for collecting crime reports from police and other sources are SpotCrime and CrimeReports. By visiting these websites and entering your address, you can access a comprehensive list of crimes committed in the neighborhood.

2. Consult the Sex Offender Registry

Individuals convicted of sexual offenses are typically mandated to register as sex offenders. Websites such as Family Watchdog enable users to input their address and access a list of registered offenders residing in their neighborhood.

3. Observe the Police Activity

Examine the presence of police stations or regular patrols in the vicinity, as multiple calls for police intervention may raise concerns. Noting a considerable amount of police activity in the area might indicate a higher crime rate.

4. Engage in conversations with local residents

Seek advice and express curiosity about safety concerns from prospective neighbors to gain valuable insights into the neighborhood’s existing challenges and issues. Engaging in conversations and attentively listening to their feedback can offer valuable perspectives on the area’s safety.

5. Physically visit the area and assess the conditions

Assessing the conditions of a neighborhood can serve as an indicator of its overall safety. A well-maintained and orderly environment usually signifies a secure neighborhood, while signs of neglect, such as broken windows, run-down homes, poorly kept fences, and overgrown yards, might suggest an unsafe setting.

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Safest Neighborhood in San Francisco – Photo by: (MarketWatch)

Here Are The Safest Neighborhood in San Francisco

The list presents the compilation of the safest neighborhood in San Francisco, considering the overall crime rate, with a particular focus on non-violent offenses.


Excelsior is a peaceful, diverse neighborhood on the south side of San Francisco that is known for its easy access to public transportation and ability to be easily reached on foot. Excelsior has a population of 37,796, and its crime rate is 48% lower than the average for California, making it a safer place to live.

Financial District

The Financial District, a sought-after and secure neighborhood, appeals to younger individuals for its central location near downtown, Chinatown, and Embarcadero, providing numerous dining choices. With a crime rate 32% lower than the California average, the area tends to have pricier apartments. A substantial number of residents in this neighborhood are employed in the technology and finance sectors, drawn by the convenient proximity to numerous office spaces.

Bernal Heights

Bernal Heights ranks among the safest neighborhoods in San Francisco, with an overall crime rate of 3.2 per 1,000 people for its population of over 28,000. It is 57% safer than the California average.

Ocean View

Oceanview, a safe San Francisco neighborhood, is celebrated as a family-friendly living area with a total crime rate at 44% of the national average (1,443 per 100,000). It is also known for its cleanliness and low vagrancy problem.

Outer Sunset

Outer Sunset, renowned as San Francisco’s safest neighborhood, offers excellent schools and efficient public transit, enhancing accessibility within the area. With an overall crime rate of 1.5 per 1,000 residents, it ranks as 80% safer than the state average.

In conclusion, the neighborhoods mentioned above represent the safest neighborhood in San Francisco. Each one has been recognized for its exceptional safety records, making them ideal choices for residents seeking secure and peaceful living environments within the bustling city.



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