Exploring The Worst Places To Live In Kansas: Top 20 Rankings

Uncovering the Downsides: 20 Kansas Locales to Reconsider

The 20 Most Unwelcome Places To Reside In Kansas
Here’s A Comprehensive Look At The 20 Most Unwelcome Places To Reside In Kansas (Photo: Kcur)

Kansas possesses its distinct charms and drawbacks; inevitably… Kansas’ dichotomy appeals to a specific demographic—while dissuading others. Today we will discern the top 20 rankings of the “worst places to live in Kansas” for 2023. Further, we will also be determining the pivotal attributes of  Kansas that hinge on—individual lifestyle and life stages. Locales (within Kansas) with a cluster of negative attributes are universally considered less favorable to call home.  A particular location (just like Kansas) can be marked as undesirable with the given determining components. These factors of undesirability for a place to live in are— crime rates and a dearth of leisure pursuits.

Here’s A Comprehensive Look At The 20 Most Unwelcome Places To Reside In Kansas

Ranking 20th among the worst places to live in Kansas is Winfield: Finding Balance Amidst Challenges

Winfield boasts some commendable aspects. On the other hand, the prevailing “crime problem” in Winfield tarnishes its image. Moreover, Winfield ranks ninth in “property crime rates” and it’s seventeenth in “violent crime rates” within the state. The high crime rate of Winfield places it at fifteenth on Kansas’s danger scale. The town in Cowley County proffers noteworthy advantages despite the high crime rate concerns.  Cowley County lays claim to above-average schools and thriving job opportunities. Additionally, Cowley County has a diverse lively nightlife— an array of leisure and entertainment prospects.

Ranking 19th among the worst places to live in Kansas is Atchison.

Atchison suffers from a distinct crime issue (positioning  Atchison as the fourteenth most perilous place in Kansas) consequently… diminishing its attraction. Furthermore, the public schools of Atchison fall below expectations exacerbating its desirability status. Despite crime challenges, Atchison County holds promise with its diversified leisure activities. There are also opportunities across Atchison industries, that present a mix of positives and negatives—for potential residents.

Ranking 18th among the worst places to live in Kansas is Hutchinson: A Dichotomy of Pluses and Minuses

Hutchinson (nestled in Reno County) touts a population of 41,146.  Hutchinson is blessed with above-average schools and diverse entertainment choices. Contrastingly, elevated crime rates relegate Hutchinson to a thirteenth rank on the danger chart. The Hutchinson city finds itself eleventh in property crime and it ranks fourteenth in “violent crime,” an unfortunate distinction that overshadows its merits.

Ranking 17th among the worst places to live in Kansas is Dodge City.

Dodge City contends with a violent reputation… as it ranks ninth in violent crimes in Kansas. The family orientation of Dodge City also suffers because of the “limited family-friendly activities” and subpar public schools.


Ranking 16th among the worst places to live in Kansas is Newton: A Spectrum of Opportunities and Challenges

Newton’s eighth ranking in violent crime rates mars an otherwise appealing picture. Additionally, Newton scuffles with concerns about “education quality” as well. However, the town balances these crime and education issues by combating them with its “diverse activities” for all age groups.


Ranking 15th among the worst places to live in Kansas is Augusta.

Augusta in Butler County sits on the cusp of precariousness.  Augusta has a population of 9,358… It’s the fifteenth most dangerous city in Kansas. The redeeming features of Augusta include; above-average schools and convenient transport options.

Ranking 14th among the worst places to live in Kansas is Junction City: Balancing Safety and Appeal

Junction City (within Geary County) is home to 23,703 residents. Junction City scuffles with a disconcerting high crime rate… making it ninth rank in danger in Kansan. Notwithstanding, the “above-average schools and vibrant cultural scene” of Junction City add a layer of charm to the city.

Ranking 13th among the worst places to live in Kansas is Merriam.

Merriam is a suburban enclave of Kansas City; boasting an 11,243-strong population. Furthermore,  Merriam contends with soaring “property crime” rates. Conversely,  Merriam boasts “highly-rated public schools and an active nightlife.”

Ranking 12th among the worst places to live in Kansas is Salina: Weighing the Options

Salina’s high crime rates pose a significant challenge to the city. However, the Salina County town shines in terms of community diversity. On the brighter side, Salina also surmounts the facet of “employment opportunities and leisure activities.”

Ranking 11th among the worst places to live in Kansas is Arkansas City.

Arkansas City is filled with property and violent crimes…these crimes put it 11th in overall danger rankings in Kansas. However, Cowley County town has nearly 12,000 inhabitants; and it offers an array of entertainment options.

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Ranking 10th among the worst places to live in Kansas is Topeka.

Topeka is ranked as the 10th most dangerous Kansas City. Moreover, Topeka scuffles with the state’s highest violent and property crime rates. Further, compounding  Topeka’s issues are “high unemployment and low median” household income.

Ranking 9th among the worst places to live in Kansas is Chanute: Striving Amid Economic Challenges

Chanute has a modest population of 9,119… contrastingly, Chanute wrestles with some glaring setbacks. These setbacks include notably “low median home values and a challenging unemployment rate.” However,  Chanute has an “intrinsic community spirit and well-funded schools.”

Ranking 8th among the worst places to live in Kansas is Liberal.

Liberal contends with sizable hurdles, despite narrowly missing the “top 20” danger list. “Elevated unemployment and modest median home values” paint a concerning picture. Additionally,  Liberal lacks family-oriented activities and struggles with subpar public schools.

Ranking 7th among the worst places to live in Kansas is Iola: Confronting Economic Realities

Iola is grappling with “economic challenges” and its Ninth in Danger rank in Kansas due to: the high crime rate adding to its woes. Among the Iola’s woes are notably low home values; high unemployment; and a median household income. Despite the struggles of Iola… “above-average schools and leisure opportunities” add some appeal.

Ranking 6th among the worst places to live in Kansas is Bonner Springs.

Bonner Springs has a population of 7,796. Further, Bonner Springs secures its 6th rank due to “moderate crime rates and high unemployment.” Notwithstanding,  Bonner Springs’ woes extend to the tenth-highest unemployment rate in the state… Ushering in a significant portion of  Bonner Springs’ population living “below the poverty line.”

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Ranking 5th among the worst places to live in Kansas is Great Bend: Economic Constraints

Great Bend escapes the top 20 danger list in Kansas. On the other hand,  Great Bend’s economic issues are concerning.  Great Bend is a less attractive option for families due to “below-average schools and limited family activities.”  Great Bend is positioned as the “twenty-fourth-highest” unemployment rate and the “fifteenth-worst median” home value.

Ranking 4th among the worst places to live in Kansas is Wichita.

Wichita has a dubious distinction as “the most dangerous location in Kansas.”  Wichita’s distinction is punctuated by its “highest violent and property crime” rates. Wichita’s challenges extend to “overcrowded schools and median household income” is below the state average.

Ranking 3rd among the worst places to live in Kansas is Parsons: Balancing Precarious Numbers

Parsons (with a population of 9,876) averts top 20 danger status. Contrastingly, it scuffles with distressing economic indicators; income levels below average and low median home values—pose significant challenges. In contrast,  Parsons offers “above-average schools” and a spectrum of leisure activities.

Ranking 2nd among the worst places to live in Kansas is Independence.

Independence has a population of 8,847. Moreover,  Independence’s second-most-dangerous ranking is compounded by “high unemployment and low home values.” These unfavorable figures (high unemployment and low home values) are offset by above-average school funding… In which, it appeals to families prioritizing “quality education.”

Ranking 1st among the worst places to live in Kansas is Coffeyville: The Pinnacle of Challenges

Topping the list of undesirable places is Coffeyville. Coffeyville is burdened by its “fifth-highest crime rates” including violent crimes. Economic struggles are equally pronounced in Coffeyville and it is marked by a “high unemployment rate and the lowest median home values” in the state.

A Tapestry of Challenges and Potential

Kansas has diverse landscapes and communities… It presents an array of challenges and opportunities for prospective residents. It’s evident that crime; unemployment; economic woes; and educational concerns can “overshadow” the positive aspects of Kansas specifically… the features of these locales. However, each town in Kansas also holds its unique strengths; often in the form of above-average schools; community diversity;  leisure pursuits; and job opportunities

It’s crucial to consider the bigger picture… especially when individuals weigh the pros and cons of different towns in Kansas. Communities (especially in the worst places to live in Kansas) can evolve and concerted efforts to address challenges can—lead to positive change. The ranking above of the (worst places to live in Kansas) serves as a reminder that every place has its “stories and complexities” —waiting to be discovered “beyond mere statistics.

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