Russian Elections Chief Ella Pamfilova Rejects Western Democracy: Advocates Unique Power Approach

Russian Elections Chief Ella Pamfilova Rejects Western Democracy

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The Western System Will Cast Doubts On Its Applicability In The Russian Context (Photo: The Reuters)

Ella Pamfilova—the head of Russia’s Central Election Commission—has boldly asserted that the country finds no utility in adopting the Western model of democracy. Ella Pamfilova vented her insights at the Territoriya Smyslov forum—an annual educational event.  Ella Pamfilova dismissed Western-style democracy as a system that prioritizes the minority over the majority. A sentiment that Ella Pamfilova believes is ill-suited for Russia.

REFERENCE: The Moscow Times

During the forum, Ella Pamfilova addressed a query about Dmitry Peskov’s recent comments on democracy. Furthermore,  Ella Pamfilova—the Russian Elections Chief—highlighted her stance that democracy serves as a mechanism for power. These mechanisms that Ella Pamfilova highlighted empower organizations through elections rather than an absolute principle. Additionally, Ella Pamfilova—the Russian Elections Chief—accentuates that the prevailing form of democracy in the West diverges from the original concept. Consequently, this diversion that Ella Pamfilova is referring to—Russia does not require a replica of it.

Ella Pamfilova—”The Western System Has Evolved Into An Establishment Where A Minority Holds Sway!”

In the eyes of Ella Pamfilova—the Western system has evolved into an establishment where a minority holds sway. The Western System that Ella Pamfilova—the Russian Elections Chief—appertains, will cast doubts on its applicability in the Russian context. Drawing attention to the forthcoming 2024 presidential election, Ella Pamfilova called it—the nation’s “electoral front line”—stressing the unique nature of Russia’s political landscape.

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Moreover,  Ella Pamfilova took pride in the efficiency of the Central Election Commission. Ella Pamfilova hailed it as one of the most effective branches of Russian governance.  Ella Pamfilova —the Russian Elections Chief—championed its ability to tackle challenges with minimal expenditure—while achieving maximal efficiency. The suggestion of Ella Pamfilova that other governmental bodies should glean insights from their practices. This suggestion of Ella Pamfilova —the Russian Elections Chief—foregrounds her belief in their distinctive approach to governance.


This stance resonates with the Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov. Dmitry Peskov recently described Russia’s presidential election as more bureaucratic than democratic. According to Peskov, the election is slated for 2024. Surely, the elections’s repercussions will likely see Vladimir Putin—securing over 90 percent of the vote.

In a broader context— the remarks of Ella Pamfilova highlight the Kremlin’s commitment. The commitment of the Kremlin to—carve a political path—that aligns with Russia.  The stance of Ella Pamfilova —the Russian Elections Chief— underlines the contrast between the two countries’ governance. These dichotomies that Ella Pamfilova is referring to— reflect a desire to uphold a system tailored to the nation’s values and needs.

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