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Two People Shot in Monday afternoon Near the East 18th Avenue in Denver

Two People Shot in Monday Afternoon Near the East 18th Avenue in Denver - Photo by: (Capetown ETC)

Two people shot on Monday afternoon near Logan Street and East 18th Avenue in Denver, and the Denver police are currently looking for the person or persons responsible for the incident.

Two People Shot in Monday Afternoon in Denver

On Monday afternoon, according to CBS News,  two homeless people were shot. Currently, the Denver authorities are making efforts to find the individual or individuals accountable for the shooting occurrence. The Denver police clarified that the two people shot were not involved in any of the commotion that led to that shooting incident.

The homeless individuals who were shot were taken to the hospital for medical attention. The incident of the shooting occurred at approximately 2:15 p.m. in the vicinity of Logan Street and East 18th Avenue.

Photos captured at the scene reveal a car’s rear window broken and a nearby residential window damaged. A witness who was present noted the presence of what appeared to be bullet holes in a tent close by.

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Two People Shot on Monday Afternoon in Denver – Photo by: (VOX)

Additional Information Regarding the Shooting That Took Place in Denver

Garrett Ray was lodging at the nearby Warwick Hotel when he heard the sound of gunshots. He mentioned that there was an exchange of words and raised voices shortly before the shots were fired. According to him, the altercation and the shooting seemed to originate from one of the homeless camps in proximity.

Up until now, the city has not undertaken an official cleanup at this specific area close to 17th and Logan during Mayor Mike Johnston’s tenure. Johnston assumed the role of mayor on July 17 and declared a state of emergency regarding homelessness on the subsequent day.

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