Evidence Found by Astronomers of a Supergiant Star Torn Apart by a Black Hole

The astronomers discovered evidence which indicated that a supergiant star observed was torn apart by a supermassive

Evidence Found about Supergiant Star Torn  apart by a Black Hole

According to the European Space Agency, data from the ESA’s XMM-Newton and NASA’s Chandra X-ray observatories shows that a supermassive black hole destroyed a supergiant star apart and consumed it. This discovery gives strong evidence which confirms the long-held theories about this event.

The astronomers assumed that roughly one percent of the star’s mass was eventually swallowed in by the black hole. This matches what was expected, as the way the accretion process works should result in most of the star’s gas being thrown away from the black hole due to the momentum and energy involved.

The researchers concluded, according to their analysis of the element of the star, the supergiant star that was torn apart had a mass around three times of the sun. This makes it as one of the largest stars ever observed.

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Evidence Found about Supergiant Star Torn apart by a Black Hole – Photo by: (Robin Age)

 The Supergiant Star that got Destroyed

The gas from the supergiant star that got destroyed became extremely hot, reaching millions of degrees before being pulled into the black hole. This caused a very intense burst of energy, one of the most extreme ever observed in a galaxy.

The black hole at the center of RX J1242-11 is believed to be about 100 million times more massive than the Sun.

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