New US Sanctions on Russia—Trigger Kremlin’s Outrage and Putin’s Blunt Response

In the “extant contentions” between two gargantuan nations, the United States has imposed New US Sanctions on Russiatotaling $5.4 million in seized Russian oligarch assets. The crux of these New US Sanctions on Russia is to “detract” these confiscated funds from Russia toward “Ukrainian military veterans.”

Russia vs Ukraine War
Russia vs. Ukraine War Military (Photo: The Rand Corporation)

New US Sanctions On Russia Announced During “US Secretary Of State Antony Blinken’s Visit” To Kyiv

These New US Sanctions on Russia were announced during “US Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s visit” to Kyiv and have ignited a “diplomatic firestorm” among conflicting nations.

Currently, the United States has not yet disclosed the “specific oligarchs” that will be targeted in the New US Sanctions on Russia. However, the $5.4 million figure (that is subject to confiscation due to the New US Sanctions on Russia) aligns with “assets seized” from Russian oligarch Konstantin Malofeyev.

See reference here: The Business Insider

To give you a short background,  Malofeyev is a “prominent Russian figure” previously accused of supporting “Moscow-backed separatists” in Crimea.

Moreover, the New US Sanctions on Russia mark a “continuation” of the Justice Department’s aggressive stance against Russian oligarchs. 

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New US Sanctions On RussiaKremlin Has Reacted In Rebarbative Locution

In response to the New US Sanctions on Russia, the Kremlin has reacted vehementlylabeling this asset transfer as unlawful. Dmitry Peskov (the Kremlin spokesperson) characterized any such action [New US Sanctions on Russia] as “illegal” and vowed to pursue legal recourse.

The New US Sanctions on Russia accentuate the “surging tensions” between the US and Russiawith both nations “locked in” a geopolitical struggle over Ukraine.

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These new US sanctions on Russia (retaliated with Putin’s sharp words) have further “strained” diplomatic relations between the two elephantine nationshighlighting the “complex web” of international politics at play. The world watches “closely” as tensions escalate between these two global powers, namely; United States and Russia.

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