Highlights Of The NFL Week 1 And What More To Expect From The Coming Schedules

NFL Week 1 was just as interesting as what everyone expected in which just fuels the excitement for the upcoming schedules.

What happened during the NFL week 1. (Photo: The 33rd Team)
What happened during the NFL week 1. (Photo: The 33rd Team)

NFL Week 1 Highlights

NFL week 1 season saw some exciting moments and social media banter between teams. Highlights of the NFL week 1 include Carolina Panthers rookie Bryce Young throwing his first touchdown, the debut of Derek Carr and Baker Mayfield for new teams, and the start of the Sam Howell era for the Washington Commanders.

The Cleveland Browns defeated the Cincinnati Bengals, prompting the Browns to troll their rivals in the NFL week 1. The Jacksonville Jaguars snapped a five-game losing streak against the Indianapolis Colts during the NFL week 1 and celebrated with equestrian-themed social media posts.

The Washington Commanders won their first game during the NFL week 1 under new ownership and trolled the Arizona Cardinals with a clip from The Simpsons. The New Orleans Saints also secured a victory over the Tennessee Titans during the NFL week 1, and their social media team had some fun wordplay.

According to a published article by ESPN, the San Francisco 49ers showcased their Super Bowl potential with a dominant win against the Pittsburgh Steelers during the NFL week 1, who were trolled by the 49ers on social media. Lastly, the Green Bay Packers, led by Jordan Love in the absence of Aaron Rodgers, defeated the Chicago Bears during the NFL week 1, and both teams engaged in playful wordplay on social media.

What Also Happened In NFL Week 1

In a published article by CBS Sports, the Giants, Bengals, and Steelers scored the lowest grades, having disappointing performances during the NFL week 1. The Bengals struggled on offense and their defense was at a disadvantage, while the Browns had a strong performance. The 49ers dominated the Steelers, with their skill players making big plays and their defense frustrating the Steelers’ offense.

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