Suffolk County District Attorney: Oregon Man’s Confession Unravels 44-Year-Old Boston Cold Case

Suffolk County District Attorney office announced a major breakthrough in a cold case that has remained unsolved for over four decades.

Suffolk County District Attorney Announces Major Breakthrough in Decades-Old Cold Case

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An Oregon man, John Michael Irmer, recently confessed to a chilling 1979 murder in Boston. The Suffolk County District Attorney office said in a press release that the victim, 24-year-old Susan Marcia Rose, had remained a silent testimony to the city’s unsolved mysteries until now. According to the Suffolk County District Attorney Kevin Hayden, Irmer, 68, walked into a Portland FBI field office in August and revealed that he met a red-haired woman at a Boston skating rink around Halloween in 1979. Irmer then led her to 285 Beacon Street, a building that was under renovation at the time, and brutally killed her. The confession took the Suffolk County District Attorney team by surprise, reigniting their efforts to bring justice to Rose’s family. The chilling details provided by Irmer matched the evidence on record. Rose, who had distinct red hair, was found dead on Beacon Street, a location close to Boston’s historical core. The Suffolk County District Attorney office said that her cause of death was multiple blunt injuries to the head, consistent with Irmer’s confession of using a hammer. For the Suffolk County District Attorney investigative team, this was the missing piece of a jigsaw puzzle that they had been trying to complete for years.

Suffolk County District Attorney Uncovers Truth in 1979 Murder Mystery

Suffolk County District Attorney Pursues Justice as Boston’s Long-Standing Murder Mystery Unravels (PHOTO: Pexels)

Adding another layer of intrigue, the Suffolk County District Attorney office confirmed that another man had been previously charged and tried for Rose’s murder back in 1981 but was found not guilty. The Suffolk County District Attorney’s office, in their dedication to the truth, is now retracing the steps of that earlier investigation to ensure all loose ends are tied up. Assistant Suffolk County District Attorney John Verner mentioned during Monday’s arraignment that Irmer, while confessing to Rose’s murder, also hinted at another heinous act in a southern state. This revelation has set off a new line of inquiry for the Suffolk County District Attorney office, as they collaborate with other jurisdictions to investigate Irmer’s claims.

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