Daniel Pelosi, A Convicted Murderer, Asserts That He Has Proof That He Murdered Financier Ted Ammon In 2001

A convicted murderer thinks he can demonstrate that he was the “fall guy” in the killing of Wall Street billionaire Ted Ammon after spending nearly two decades in prison.

Daniel Pelosi, a long-island electrician, says his estranged wife Generosa Ammon, whom he was seeing at the time of Ted Ammon’s death, is entirely to blame for Ammon’s murder.

Daniel Pelosi, A Convicted Murderer, Asserts That He Has Proof That He Murdered Financier Ted Ammon In 2001

Pelosi alleges that Generosa killed Ted Ammon with the assistance of Christopher Parrino, a member of Pelosi’s staff, and two unidentified people in a very convoluted and extensive explanation.

“I did not do it,” Pelosi told Piers Morgan on FOX Nation’s “The Killer Interview.” “I did not do this murder. I did not kill Ted Ammon.”

Ted Ammon, an investment banker and multimillionaire from New York, was bludgeoned to death in his East Hamptons house in 2001. Pelosi was found guilty of the crime in 2004 and has already completed 18 years of a 25-to-life sentence.

While she and her husband Ted were beginning the divorce process, Pelosi had an affair with Generosa. But Generosa found out Ted had a kid with his mistress.

Pelosi asserts that this finding set Generosa on a course for retaliation.

“Ted had fathered a child and Generosa had received the DNA results that that was Ted’s child and that was the straw that broke her back,” he said.

“This felt like a special slap in the face to her because they had tried so hard to have kids and indeed, they had adopted twins from Ukraine. As the old saying goes, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned,” New York-based investigative journalist Phoebe Eaton said during the FOX Nation show.

Pelosi claims that Generosa started talking about wanting to avenge her husband and even expressed the desire for his death.

“She would be in conversation with people saying, ‘I’m going to kill this son of a b—h.’ I told Ted. I said, ‘Ted she talks about killing you,” Pelosi alleged.

Pelosi claimed to Piers Morgan that after learning of the kid Ted Ammon shared with his mistress, Generosa got one of his subordinates, Christopher Parrino, to beat up Ted Ammon.

“To me, it was all talk. I never took it for real until I found that it was for real,” he said.

Pelosi claimed that Parrino and “dumb and dumber” — two people he would not name in his appearance with Piers Morgan — were responsible for the death of Ted.

Pelosi asserted that after hearing the information from Parrino and Generosa and viewing security camera footage of the residence the night of the murder, he could now definitively explain what took place that evening.

Other guests on the FOX Nation broadcast as well as Morgan cast doubt on Pelosi’s circumstantial evidence and inability to properly explain crucial elements in the case while Piers Morgan tries to determine whether Pelosi is innocent.

Eaton points out that the problem with Generosa’s accusation is that she passed away from breast cancer prior to the start of Pelosi’s trial.

“Danny Pelosi is now squarely laying all blame for this murder at the feet of Generosa Ammon. The problem is that she’s dead,” Eaton said.

“Perhaps that’s actually convenient for him because she is not there to defend herself.”

In addition, Parrino had already been charged with the murder of Ted and given a six-month prison term for his involvement. Additionally, Parrino has refuted Pelosi’s claims that he killed Ted.

Despite the fact that Pelosi provides more information about the murder’s night of execution during his in-depth questioning, it is still unclear whether he has enough proof to clear the accused.

“An issue for Danny Pelosi, too, is he gave sworn testimony already, not containing any of these details, and that he is a provable pathological liar,” Eaton said. “I honestly think he’d say anything, and now has.”

Pelosi claims he can now, more than 20 years later, tell what really happened to Ted Ammon and who was truly responsible for the murder, but will this be sufficient to clear his name? In the eight-part series “The Killer Interview,” which is currently streaming on FOX Nation, Piers Morgan examines Pelosi’s case as well as those of seven other murderers who have been found guilty.

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