Girlfriend’s Ex-Husband Supposedly Breaks In: Homeowner Intervenes With Arms

One neighbour praised Oklahoma’s gun restrictions after hearing that an Oklahoma guy intervened when his girlfriend’s ex-husband allegedly broke into their house.

“People just be breaking into other people’s houses over here and… I guess that’s what’s going on. And I’m just glad that it’s open carry in this state because people need to be able to protect [themselves],” Midwest City, Oklahoma, resident only identified as Gabrielle told OKC Fox.

Girlfriend's Ex-Husband Supposedly Breaks In: Homeowner Intervenes With Arms

Oklahomans who follow the law and are 21 years of age or older are allowed to openly or covertly carry weapons without a permit.

A house on Flannery Drive that was smashed into early on Wednesday is next door to Gabrielle. According to the shooting’s affidavit, the male and female residents were at home when they heard their dog barking, which prompted the male homeowner to go check it out, according to OKC Fox.

The 34-year-old Mauricio Alexander Delarosa was then encountered by the male homeowner inside the house, according to OKC Fox. Police discovered Delarosa to be the woman’s estranged spouse. The male occupant of the residence is Delarosa’s estranged wife’s boyfriend.

According to police documents, the new lover and the estranged spouse had never met.

The male occupant reportedly grabbed his gun before the offender charged at the boyfriend. Delarosa was struck in the chest by the single shot the boyfriend fired at him.

Delarosa called his estranged wife more than 170 times between Tuesday afternoon and the shooting on Wednesday morning, according to police records.

Delarosa allegedly ran from the house after being shot, and she was later discovered unconscious in a neighbour’s yard. According to the police department, he was taken to a hospital for treatment and would thereafter be taken to the neighbourhood jail.

According to Gabrielle’s comments to OKC Fox, she cautioned criminals that many men and women in the state are armed and will shoot if they are attacked.

“I guess they see targets, but I’m telling you, you think them single moms aren’t armed, or, you know, they single dads or people are not going to protect their home. You come in their doors you know and you’re not invited you might get filled up with holes. And that’s just the honest truth,” added Gabrielle.

Gabrielle is requesting greater street illumination and safety measures because she claims that violence has grown in the Midwest City neighbourhood since an elementary school closed last year.

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