Philadelphia Police Search For A Biker Who Was Spotted Kicking A Car’s Windscreen Following An Altercation With The Driver

During an argument with the driver of the automobile, a motorbike driver in Philadelphia was seen on camera kicking up the back windscreen.

According to Philadelphia police, the incident happened around 9 p.m. on Sunday near the 1400 block of South Penn Square.

Philadelphia Police Search For A Biker Who Was Spotted Kicking A Car's Windscreen Following An Altercation With The Driver

Police think the handgun was being carried by the suspect, who is still at large. The department posted images Monday night in an effort to identify the rider, pointing to a tattoo on the biker’s right forearm and a gold decal on the helmet.

For serious assault and vandalism, the biker is wanted. Police encourage anyone with knowledge about the incident to get in touch.

The suspect may be seen on surveillance footage from the incident riding an ATV and motorcycle in a large group through the Centre City neighbourhood. The driver of an ATV and the driver of a red sedan appear to argue while they are both stopped at a red light.

Nikki Bullock, the sedan’s driver, told FOX 29 Philadelphia that the suspect sideswiped her car as she was out delivering meals for Uber Eats with a friend in the front seat and two kids in the back seats. The suspect and an ATV driver allegedly started arguing with her after that.

“We were arguing back and forth because he hit the car, so after that his friend in front of me, he was arguing with me and while I was arguing with his friend, he jumped off the bike, jumped on the back of the car and kicked the windshield in,” Bullock told the outlet.

The suspect, who was stopped just behind the ATV, is shown on video jumping off his motorcycle, climbing onto Bullock’s car and kicking the rear windscreen. Bullock is seen from her car and approaching the suspect after she claims he waved a weapon in her direction.

“I didn’t see [the gun] hit the floor at all until he picked it up,” Bullock said. “He pointed it at me, I couldn’t hear anything he was saying, I was screaming at him.”

The victim was headbutted and shoved by the suspect as he made his way back to his motorbike; the suspect then attempted to get on his motorbike but was forced back by the victim.

“He pointed [the gun] at me, and then he put it away, and I was like ‘whatever, shoot me then, you’re not going to shoot me’ and then he headbutted me with the helmet, and we were just going back-and-forth after that,” Bullock said.

Bullock’s car’s passengers were not wounded in the incident. She said that a number of people have gotten in touch offering to contribute towards the cost of a new windscreen, and a few vehicle glass replacement businesses have volunteered their services.

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