Cops Claim A Philadelphia Motorcyclist Was Detained After Kicking A Woman’s Vehicle Windscreen During A Road Rage Attack

Authorities reported early Wednesday that a motorcycle in Philadelphia was arrested after he was caught on film smashing a woman’s windscreen with two children inside the car over the weekend.

On social media, Philadelphia Police Deputy Commissioner Frank Vanore stated that the arrest in the aggravated assault and vandalism case occurred overnight.

Cops Claim A Philadelphia Motorcyclist Was Detained After Kicking A Woman's Vehicle Windscreen During A Road Rage Attack

Vanore added, “Great tips from the public and some outstanding detective work,” adding that further details regarding the culprit and arrest will be provided later.

According to Philadelphia police, the incident occurred at 9 p.m. Sunday in the 1400 block of South Penn Square in the Centre City neighbourhood when a group of ATV and dirt bike riders descended on the area near City Hall.

During a red light stop, the driver of an ATV and the driver of a red sedan appeared to get into a verbal spat.

The suspect, who was stopped just behind the ATV, is shown on video jumping off his motorbike, jumping onto the back of the woman’s car and kicking in the back windscreen.

When approached by the victim, the guy took up a black revolver that had fallen from his waist and pointed it at the woman, according to police.

The culprit was observed headbutting and shoving the victim as he walked back to his motorbike.

Nikki Bullock, the victim, told FOX29 Philadelphia that she was out delivering orders for Uber Eats with a friend in the front seat and two children in the back seats when the suspect sideswiped her vehicle. She claimed that both the suspect and an ATV driver then began arguing with her.

“We were arguing back and forth because he hit the car, so after that his friend in front of me, he was arguing with me and while I was arguing with his friend, he jumped off the bike, jumped on the back of the car and kicked the windshield in,” Bullock told the outlet.

The passenger and children in Bullock’s vehicle were not injured in the incident.

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