Bronx Day Care Owner and Cousin Back in Court Following Child’s Fentanyl Death

After a 1-year-old kid died in the Bronx from fentanyl exposure, the creche owner, her husband and his cousin are all being arrested without bail.

On Thursday, Grei Mendez and Carlisto Acevedo Brito, her cousin-in-law and fellow renter, will appear in court to answer a number of allegations, including murder. They are also charged federally.

In the meantime, Mendez’s husband Felix Herrera Garcia appeared before a judge on drug-related accusations in federal court on Wednesday. In Mexico, where he was captured following a week-long manhunt.

The Bronx creche where Nicholas Dominici, age 1, was exposed to fentanyl last month resulted in his death and the injuries of three other children.

Investigators discovered a kilo of fentanyl in the residence and a trap door with fentanyl, other drugs, and paraphernalia in the daycare’s play area.

Local officials have been compelled to review modifying the inspection procedure for home-based daycares as a result of this terrible instance.

Darcel Clark, the district attorney for the Bronx, stated, “We have to do a lot more on what the regulations are, how people are able to set up these daycare centres. But securing justice for young Nicholas must come first. I went to the funeral home to try and console the family. As I turned around, I noticed the little boy’s coffin. It was painful to watch.

On Thursday morning, the family of Nicholas and the three other kids who were exposed to fentanyl are anticipated in court.

Garcia and the others charged with federal offenses in the case were given a return date of October 12 by the judge.

According to law enforcement sources, Mendez took her own toddler out of creche for fear that he might die from exposure to fentanyl, but she never informed the authorities of her worries.

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