Charlotte Sena Incident: FBI Child Abduction Team Increasing Miracle Recoveries

The recovery of a kidnapped 9-year-old girl in Upstate New York this week flew under the radar of a specialised FBI squad committed to finding abducted children.

CARD – Child Abduction Rapid Deployment – a 70-agent squad, has found 99 of 217 children abducted by predators since it began deployments in 2006, according to Supervisory Special Agent Leslie Adamczyk of Fox News Digital.

Charlotte Sena Incident: FBI Child Abduction Team Increasing Miracle Recoveries

She characterised the often unnoticed section as “advisers” who operate in the background of major abduction investigations, such as this week’s dramatic search for Charlotte Sena, who was discovered alive in the suspect’s trailer’s cabinet.

“We serve as a force multiplier. That’s the word that we like to use,” Adamczyk said. “Our team is comprised of subject-matter experts who have worked many of these cases, so they’re able to advise in situations where maybe you have an investigative agency who hasn’t done one or hasn’t had a successful one.”

Profilers from the behavioural analysis section, which specialises in crimes involving minors, investigative strategy advice, a centralised command post, and access to the full array of FBI resources are among the resources available.

In almost every situation, they have a full team on the ground within 12 hours, according to Adamczyk.

In Charlotte’s case, New York Gov. Kathy Hochul stated on Sunday that the FBI was already in Upstate New York assisting state troopers after the 9-year-old went missing Saturday evening.

Because Charlotte’s case is still under investigation, the FBI and state police are unable to provide specifics about the case or the CARD team’s role.

Residents in Saratoga County, New York, told Fox News Digital that Charlotte’s discovery alive was a “miracle.”

One neighbour, who lives next door to suspect Craig Ross Jr.’s house, recalled law enforcement’s obvious joy after finding her.

“(Charlotte) became like everyone’s child. Everyone in the area loves her and wants her to come home,” Ross’ neighbour, “Erica,” told Fox News Digital.

“And the police did, too. You can see and hear them exhale. They were high-fiving with smiles. It was an amazing outcome.”

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