LA City Controller Reports Continuing Increase in Anti-Camping Arrests

According to a report issued by the Los Angeles City Controller in October 2023, the number of people detained for breaking the city’s anti-camping ordinance has been rising recently. According to the report, 558 arrests were made in 2021, 853 in 2022, and 1,582 up until September 15, 2023.Los Angeles anti-camping arrests

According to the report, the law is applied inconsistently throughout the city, with some districts seeing significantly more arrests than others. Taking Council District 12 as an illustration, it encompasses a portion of the northwest San Fernando Valley. had more than 800 arrests in connection with the anti-camping law this year, the most of any state. With more than 200 arrests, Council District 1, which includes portions of downtown Los Angeles‘ northeast and northwest, came in second.

The findings of the report are alarming for a number of reasons. They first contend that the city’s anti-camping law is not being properly applied to deal with the underlying causes of homelessness. Instead, it is being applied to criminalize those who are already having a difficult time getting by.

Second, the report’s conclusions raise questions about racial discrimination in the anti-camping law’s administration. Those who are arrested for breaking the law are disproportionately black. This suggests that communities of colour may experience harsher enforcement of the law.

The city should also focus on resolving the fundamental issues that contribute to homelessness, such as poverty and a lack of affordable housing. The city should also fund programmes for treating drug abuse and mental illness.

The anti-camping law in the city is a complicated subject. There is no quick fix. But it’s crucial to address the issues brought up in the report. The city must find a way to strike a balance between preserving public safety and assisting those who are homeless.

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