Woman Who Dated Suspected Gilgo Beach Killer Admits He Wanted To Talk About The Crimes He Committed

Nikkie Brass, an ex-escort turned hairdresser, explained what it was like to date suspected Gilgo Beach serial killer Rex Heuermann.

“As soon as he started talking about the Gilgo Beach killings, he stood up straighter. He leaned on the table. He got a smirk on his face. He almost seemed excited, like, he had been waiting the whole dinner to talk about this,” she told FOX Nation in the new, “Architect of Death” special.

Woman Who Dated Suspected Gilgo Beach Killer Admits He Wanted To Talk About The Crimes He Committed

Former FBI agent and profiler James Fitzgerald told FOX Nation that Heuermann was interested in learning what the police knew about him and gathering “as much information as he could.” Furthermore, retired NYPD inspector Paul Mauro stated that serial killers “dine out on” fame. They aim to boost their public profile and image.

In the show, Brass told FOX News co-host Emily Compagno that her intuition told her to “get out of there.” “I think this is the Gilgo Beach killer,” she texted a friend, and she had her buddy meet her to ensure her safety.

The Gilgo Beach serial killings were known murders, often of sex workers, that occurred between 1996 and 2011, with 11 bodies buried on the Long Island, New York beach. Heuermann is the only known suspect in the murders of three victims. Brass, on the other hand, thinks that there could be more people involved.

Heuermann mentioned other people in connection with the killings on their date, according to Brass. She claimed he fantasised about “parties” in which five people would choose their “favourite escort” and murder her.

Brass stated that their account of the murders sounded like “someone who was reliving it, not just a fan talking about it.”

Fitzgerald claimed in the FOX Nation programme that Heuermann planned the deaths “very well” and likely looked for women who would not be reported missing fast. Brass stated that Heuermann told her prostitutes that they “didn’t have anyone who cared about them.”

Heuermann, 59, was detained this summer. In connection with the Gilgo Beach crimes, he is charged with the murders of three women and is the lead suspect in the murder of another.

According to recent court records, he had more than 50 illegal guns concealed in his Long Island home in Massapequa Park. More than a dozen handguns and 15 assault weapons were allegedly among the weapons, all of which were unregistered.

According to the New York Post, the 50 illicit weapons amounted to less than 20% of Heuermann’s vast collection, which included upwards of 300 total firearms.

Heuermann has two adult children, and his wife filed for divorce after being “blindsided” by her husband’s imprisonment.

Watch “The Architect of Death: The Long Island Serial Killer” on FOX Nation to learn more about the Gilgo Beach murder.

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