Gun Store Employee Faces Charges in Fatal Shooting of Alleged Shoplifter in SW Houston

According to criminal records, an employee accused of killing a man in the back as he fled a southwest Houston gun store in June 2022 has been charged with murder.

Terry Evans Jr. was caught on security camera having his hand in the cash register at Carter’s Country Store on South Wilcrest. Mark Winger is suspected of shooting and killing him.

Evans is seen entering into the store and heading to the cash register in a video acquired exclusively by ABC13. He is then seen taking what appears to be money and headed towards the door.

When a female employee approaches him, another employee, Winger, seems to chase him down and fire shots.

Surveillance video from outside the business showed the moment a bullet perforated Evans’ body and struck the store’s glass door.

Moments thereafter, as shown on security video, another store clerk motions for Winger to return inside.

“The video in this case did not help the shooter,” said Steve Shellist, a legal analyst who is not connected to the case. “If the store didn’t have video, it would have been up to the store employee and the other employees in the store who were witnesses to say whatever it is they were going to say.”

Shellist said he is not shocked that Winger was indicted by a grand jury in the matter.

“To me, it’s unfortunate, but if you follow the law, it’s clearly a murder without justification,” Shellist went on to say.

According to Shellist, Texas law authorises someone to use lethal force to protect their property if they are the victim of a robbery, burglary, severe assault, or theft at night.

He claimed that what occurred on June 22, 2022 did not fit into any of those categories.

“I would also imagine that when somebody finds themselves in that situation, and the adrenaline’s going, your mind is not necessarily thinking about, ‘Legally, what can I and can I not do?'” According to Shellist. “I make no claim to know what was going through the shooter’s mind at the time.” I’m sure he thought he was doing the right thing by protecting the store and the property, but he was sadly breaking the law.”

According to Jason Gibson, the Evans family’s attorney, no one from the store phoned 911, and the initial statement given was deceptive after authorities arrived.

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