30 Years Jail Sentence for Georgia Woman running a childcare

After nearly 2 years  of trial, a suburban woman from Atlanta has been sentenced to prison for 30 years.  The woman in question ran a childcare center and had placed the child on  their abdomen.

Dunwoody daycare owner indicted in baby's death to appear in court

Amanda Hickey had a child care center, which was based in the basement of her Dunwoody home, named Lovely Child Care center. On February 3rd 2021, Charlie Cronmiller, a four-month-old infant died in her care after being placed on his abdomen while sleeping.

Hickey initially claimed that the baby was kep asleep on his back and turned over while in sleep. However, the security cameras proved otherwise. The child was found covered in vomit and sweat after more than 2 hours of negligence.

Apart from this, the security cameras also found that Hickey had similarly put many other toddlers in an unsafe position to sleep. Along with that she pushed and tripped those under her care, pulled them by their hair, threw them on ground, and even swung them by their feet.

Cromiller’s mother gave an emotional testimony in the court including how Hickey has no remorse and she only regrets being caught.

In addition to this, the prosecutor went ahead to point that the cameras showed 10 toddlers under her care while she has been allowed only 6.

On Sept 22, Hickey pleaded guilty along with an Alford Plea. This means that it was in her best interest to plea guilty to second degree murder and child cruelty related to Cromiller’s death and maintain her innocence.

In the end, she is charged with  seven counts of first-degree child cruelty, seven counts of reckless conduct, one count of second-degree child cruelty and three counts of battery. She has been sentenced prison for 30 years al;long with the order that when released, she cannot make any financial gain with this case.

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