Oakland Families Unite: Mural of Peace and Solidarity for Gaza’s Children

Sunday afternoon, children of all ages met in Oakland to send a message of peace to the Middle East.

As the Israel-Hamas conflict entered its third week, a peace mural was being painted on the streets of Oakland.

“This is an event where we’ll be bringing together Bay Area families and children to stand up for the children in Gaza who, right now, are being bombarded and don’t have food and water,” said Sarah Norr, the organiser of the event. “The values I was raised with, in a Jewish family, is that we stand up for social equality and we stand up for human rights for all people.”

“If the rain stops, they’re going to start a mural here.” And leading some chants and songs for children, really helping youngsters grasp the issue,” said Shabna Sigman, an Oakland resident.

“We just felt it was important to come out and show solidarity for the Palestinian people,” said Meredith Wallis, an Oakland resident.

Wallis was there with her 10-year-old daughter, Sisi Landry.

“She wanted to come to lend assistance at an event that was specifically for kids,” Wallis told me.

“I think it’s really sad how many kids are getting killed and how much bombing there is over there,” he remarked.

Sisi’s parents are pleased with her desire to learn.

“I think it shows her that there’s strength in numbers, that there’s power in a collective,” Nate Landry, her father, said.

And there was a cry to action from the beat of the drum.

“We’re calling for an urgent cease-fire and allowing in food and water and humanitarian aid for them,” he said.

People were encouraged to apply pressure on California’s lawmakers during the event.

“We’re asking everyone to contact their representatives because we have clout.” It’s not only something happening halfway around the world from us. “It is our responsibility to put a stop to this,” Norr remarked.

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