Atwater Police Release Body Camera Footage of Fatal Shooting by Officer

The bodycam video of an Atwater police officer shooting and killing a man earlier this year has been made public.

We do want to let you know that watching this video could be challenging.

According to the police, on August 13th, at around 7:00 p.m., they attempted to apprehend Korey Unti, 36.

The vehicle he was using was allegedly involved in a theft case.

At that point, according to the officers, Unti drove off and started chasing after them while firing at their cars.

Unti is seen in the video crashing into a parked automobile and taking off.

“Avoid the cops. Korey halt. A policeman could be heard shouting, “STOP.”

Investigators said that while being pursued by police through an apartment complex close to Crest and Bellevue roads, he brandished a revolver at one of the officers.

At the scene, Unti was shot and passed away.

Atwater police are conducting an internal investigation in addition to the Merced County Sheriff’s Office’s ongoing investigation.

A leave of absence was issued to the officer while the investigation was underway.

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