Authorities Seek Suspects After Man Injured in Toluca Lake, Los Angeles Shooting

Following a shooting in Toluca Lake on Thursday, police are looking for many suspects.

The incident took place near the 4600 block of Cahuenga Boulevard, north of the 134 Motorway, at approximately 5:20 p.m.

Three men are reportedly wanted by LAPD for the incident. Gunfire apparently broke out, and they took off in a car.

The hospitalised male victim’s condition was not disclosed.

The area was marked off for investigation by the LAPD.

After the shooting, April Davis, who lives across the street, stepped outdoors to find herself in a terrible scenario.

“I ran out my front door, and I saw the victim lying on the pavement,” she stated.

A few blocks distant from the incident that took place in Toluca Lake on Thursday, at Moorpark Street and Lankershim Boulevard, three individuals were shot and murdered last week.

All about  Moorpark Street and Lankershim Boulevard?

Two significant thoroughfares that intersect in the San Fernando Valley neighbourhood of Los Angeles, California, are Moorpark Street and Lankershim Boulevard. Lankershim Boulevard runs north-south, and Moorpark Street runs east-west. Right in the middle of the Toluca Lake neighbourhood, the two streets come together.

The municipality of Moorpark, California, which is roughly 30 miles northwest of Los Angeles, is the inspiration behind the name of Moorpark Street. James Lankershim, a developer and pioneer who played a key role in the late 19th-century expansion of the San Fernando Valley, is honoured by having his name attached to Lankershim Boulevard.


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