Alabama man charged with threatening Fulton County DA Fani Willis over Trump election case

President Donald Trump was depicted to overturn the presidential election results of 2022 held in Georgia and he pleaded guilty in this case. Willis and Fulton County Sheriff Patrick Labat are the jailers who controls the jail where Trump got fingerprinted and photographed due to the accusation on him of overturning the Georgia 2022 presidential elections. They got threatened by an Alabama man named Hanson of age 59 to injure Wills and Fulton County. According to the sources from court, Hanson called Fulton County two times in August and also left two different voice overs for Wills and Fulton that had threatening voice messages.

In one of those voice overs Hanson said to Wills that “When you’re going to the car tonight, going to your house and watch wherever you go”. In another voice over he left the message that, ” If i were you, i would be very afraid as you are not going to always surrounded by people, no one is going to protect you always. There must be a moment when you are vulnerable.” He also said that if they would try to charge they should be aware anytime as danger would be near them.

On this U.S. Attorney Ryan Buchanan said that causing interstate threats among the prosecutors and law enforcement officers is a not bearable act and it directly interferes the moral duty of administrators of law and justice, and to those who are working to protect the rights of citizens. He also said that if someone perform this act of harming public servants for performing their jobs and for protecting the law and justice with that much confidence, it directly shows that the foundation of our society is very week.

Later in August 2020 Trump and 18 others were pleaded not guilty in the case where they were alleged to overturn the presidential elections of 2020.

Four defendants named as Ellis, Kenneth Chesebro, Sydney Powell and Scot Hall took back there plead against trump and ask to look forward for testifying others in this case.


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