Unemployment Benefits Delayed: What to do in case you haven’t got your benefits?

In March 2020, during covid-19 pandemic 95% of US citizens received unemployment benefits within 14 days and this percentage dropped down to 45%  in June 2020. As of February 28, 2022 U.S. department of labor’s employment and Training facilities provided data that indicates 45% of 350,950 unemployed citizens whose claims are being processed do not received the payments yet.


  Reasons Behind This Delay

Some Unemployed US citizen had not received the beneficiary payment till then wanted to know the reason behind this and the reasons are:-

  • Out dated state system- Some stated in US have an outdated unemployment system that trust on antiquated programming languages. These systems are not efficient to process the claims specially claims of those who are without computers as these claims are being filed by phone.
  • Widespread Fraud- The states having efficient claim system are affected by fraudsters as they took advantage of this and are successful in filing false claim benefits. The detection of this fraud system may took time and that leads to delay in the payments.
  • Payment provider changes- Some states also changes their payment providers which lead to delay in beneficiary claims as some people do not easily agree to the new payment provider.
  • Lost or Stolen Benefits- Some regions also have unsecured mail boxes and delivery system that lead to loosing the debit cards and stealing of benefit checks during the process of delivery.
  • Mistakes On Claim- When a beneficiary provide their address and personal details with errors  that leads to delay ibn claim processes.

Steps taken when benefits are delayed-

      • Contact your state unemployment office- If someone find thContact your state unemployment office- If someone find that their payments are delayed they must reach out to their state’s unemployment office to take information about the status of their claim and there they can also give the application to resolve the issue of delay in their payment.
  • Be patient-  Sometimes payment could be delayed as processing time varies that may be beyond the control of everyone. That’s why a beneficiary should have patience and continue to monitor their account and mail boxes for updates.

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