Teenage School Girl Shot Inside a Home in LA Marque, Still in Critical Condition

An atrocious crime revealed that a 17-year-old schoolgirl had been shot inside a house in LA Marque. The 400 block of Avenue B is where the incident happened, according to the LA Marque Police Department.

The fact that the girl who was shot was pregnant and is in severe condition should be the most significant factor to take into account.
Multiple people, including a pregnant teen who was 17 years old, were inside the house when multiple rounds were fired, according to investigators. The teenager was recognized by a resident of the home as her son’s girlfriend.

Teenage School Girl Shot Inside a Home in LA Marque, Still in Critical Condition

The authorities discovered a pregnant adolescent at the crime scene who was a Texas City high school student had a gunshot wound to the back of her skull. The small girl was shot, according to the woman from the crime scene, and as of Thursday afternoon, she was still in the hospital healing.

Officials from the La Marque Police Department verified that the incident was a drive-by shooting, but they stated they could only identify the car involved in sketchy detail. Officials stated that numerous gun round casings were discovered at the location by investigators. Investigators say that although the gunshot entered the house from the outside, they are still unsure of the precise reason.

Nearby resident Milly Garcia said she heard up to thirty gunshots. It was “really loud and really close,” Garcia said. “I mistook them for actual gunfire aimed at our vehicles. Were we about to be robbed with that proximity, I wondered? I believed we would be murdered.”

According to investigators, the adolescent was shot while inside the house with several other people. Outside the house, investigators gathered evidence through CCTV Footage. Police claimed they collected multiple shell casings.

The police agency reports that investigations are still ongoing to identify the perpetrators of this horrible act.

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