Ala. couple arrested after new homeowners discover son’s decomposing body in freezer

Being accused for decomposing their son’s dead body into the freezer situated at the property where they lived, a 44-year old man and his 43-year old wife got arrested.

Henry County Sheriff’s Office Deputes got a call from a house owner on October 29 at 11:37 am, this call was from Bradford Drive and when they received there founded a 19-year old teenage boy’s body into freezer. They came to know that boy named Logan Michael Halstead was been in freezer since July or August.

Officers somehow got to know about his parents, they were Michael Halstead and Karen Halstead in Jack, Albama. The investigators made them travel back to Henry County for questioning and take them under custody.

WDHN informed that a couple bought a new home thinking to move in and before moving they went there for cleaning the house. After cleaning the whole house only the freeze in the backyard was left and when Lane Keith’s wife went in the backyard for cleaning the freezer, she tried to move the freeze but it could not as the freeze was very heavy. Then she open the knobs of the freeze and she saw a hand there and informed the police about this.According to WDHN report Logan was suffering from spina bifida in which the spine of the person is does not form correctly and that leads to paralysis and inability to walk.

Logan’s father said that Logan had a bowel movement in house and Michael went out for cleaning supplies and when came back he found his son dead. Before putting the body into freezer he wrapped his son’s body into a blanket, a shower curtain and a plastic bag. After that he made rest of the family members to leave the house that day only.

Logan’s body was sent to Albama Department of Forensic Sciences but no one could determine the actual cause of death. Logan’s parents got into custody in charge of murder and pending autopsy results.

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