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February 22, 2024

Miami woman recounts chilling story of ex shooting her and murdering her boyfriend

Miami woman recounts chilling story of ex shooting her and murdering her boyfriend

Springmeyer recounts her story of being shot by her ex-boyfriend and coping with the death of Vidal her love. In the fall of 2022, police concluded that Vidal was shot by Jose Arinbar-Camacho, Springmeyer’s ex.

The story can be traced back to last year when Vidal, still alive lived with Springmeyer and her little toddler. On the morning of November 28, they got up to the sound of a gunshot. Someone was shooting the door to their one-bedroom apartment in North Bay Village.

Arinbar-Camacho and Springmeyer’s relationship according to her had ended on good terms without any discord. They were co-0parentiung their child who was still in the crib.

Once she heard the gunshot, Springmeyer immediately tried to call the police when Arinbar-Camacho broke inside the house. According to the police report, he had been planning the attack in secret for days and the couple had not received any threats before.

As soon as Arinbar-Camacho broke into their apartment, he started firing at Springmeyer. He had aimed the shots for her vitals- her heart, lunngs, and chest. The bullets went through her arm and through the phone she had connected the police with.  One bullet went through her stomach, intestines and kidney andruptured her diaphragm.

Her toddler was just a few wait away in the crib and Vidal tried to fight Arinbar-Camacho using his bare hands. He was able to shoot Vidal in his chest while screaming, “I got you.” Then he proceeded to walk towards Springmeyer citing all this to be her fault with a smile on his face and shot Vidal on his head.\

Arinbar-Camacho then simply gave himself over to police, saying he killed his ex-girlfriend and her boyfriend very casually in Spanish. This had chilled the neighbours.

In the aftermath, Springmeyer was in a critical condition and was rushed to hospital. It was a miraculous recovery, but the pain of losing her boyfriend is still there. The trial date for this case is yet to be decided with they state seeking a death penalty.

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