South Carolina Has Lethal Injection Drug but Justices Want More Info Before Restarting Executions

Highest of South Carolina is not ready apparently to allow the state to give permission to restart the executions of newly obtained lethal drug, firing squad and the old electric chair even after 12 years. On February 6, the State Government announced hearing over a lawsuit by four death row inmates out of those who appealed initially and argued dying by bullets or electrocution to the heart is cruel and unusual punishment.

Earlier a shield law was being passed by the state this year in order to hide the identities of drug companies and the names of people who were helping the execution of these drugs and to follow the exact procedure of it. In September 2023, it was announced by the prison offici  als that they will be going to have the sedative pentobarbital and also the changed method of using one drug in place of using three drugs.

Four inmates were being sued and two out of 33 prisoners on the death row of South Carolina had run out of normal appeals and lived their lives in balance according to Justice 360.

Three executives are used to carried by South Carolina on an average. But 33 prisoners are still awaiting for death sentence, only one have been sent to death since the last prosecution in 2011.This is because prosecutors were facing rising costs and more vigorous defenses, and also choosing to accept guilty pleas and life in prison without parole.

Supreme Court was being asked by state to declare firing squad and old electric chair as cruel and unusual punishment and also asked them to use lethal injection drugs as they are easily available.

Current execution law of South Carolina requires inmates to be sent to the electric chairs until and unless they choose a different method.

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